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Last updated 7 weeks ago!!! What have I been doing?

25 Aug

Well admitedly I have not been skating that much.
We have the usual culprits at work here, first- is the cost and secondly, I guess its summer and I decided to spend more time with friends and outside running or walking (aka free sports).
I did miss skating more though.
I think I skated at least once a week in the last month and then just recently (the last 2 weeks or so) i started skating 2-3 times a week.
Again, depending on my schedule, the rinks schedule, and funds.
Also, I just recently decided to get a second job so that will either encourage me to skate more (more funds) or less (no time).
Oh, adult life- why can’t you just go away so we can all be michelle kwans and sasha cohens?
I have had a week from craziness learning how to be a hostess at a restaurant while working my 9-5 job during the day. Not sure if this is gonna work but I am trying. Turns out- it requires alot of energy and alot of patience. In reality? Its a suck ass job, that doesnt pay much and you still have to deal with all your customers crap. Do I sound negative?
Yeah, I mean if you compare it to a servers job then its easy (but then you get the moola) otherwise its pretty sucky. Except the time does go faster hostessing then doing retail. Which is what I was trying to avoid. I remember years ago in college, when I was refolding the same men’s shirt over and over again watching the minutes tick by slowly. Not so in the restaurant biz, well not at the one I tried anyway.
I say tried, because I am moving to another hostessing job because the one I started at is just a little too busy for my liking. So we’ll see how the second round goes. For those of you dining? Please. Please.. please be nice to your servers and hostesses they really have no control over your food and they really just tell you to sit in certain places because it makes it easier for your server to find you.
haha.. so be nice πŸ˜‰ plus they really dont make much and its back breaking work.
Ok, I am done with my rant. Back to skating.

So I am working on Silver moves. My back power pulls are decent, definitely workable. Front power pulls? OMG what a disaster. talk about using leg muscles… whew. You wont need to use a thigh master after doing those babies correctly.
The alternating three turns around the rink is terrible too. Its forward to backward three turns, inside and outsides.
wow. Can I say I have issues? Especially with the back inside right three turn, my body just says.. no way man. Not gonna do it.
So I have to work on those. I will post the adult silver move videos here so everyone can see my torture.
lol, so what else?
I am still working on the layback. I guess its getting a little better. It still needs work. The camel needs alot of work! Still.
The flip is pretty consistently landed just different techniques everytime.
I am still working on my jump workout, which I mentioned weeks ago.
At least I think I did. At any rate, it helps me focus on the higher jumps before the lower jumps. So I practice my waltz (lower- yes) loop, lutz, flip all in a row with connecting mohawks plus I finally got to the outside three turns into a salchow that is a part of the warm up.
Boy did that take me some time. The sal from a mohawk after I get out of the outside three turns is the tiniest little thing but at least its there.
Other than that, I am working on front sit to back sit and trying to get my spiral back. Apparently, my muscles atrophied in the last 2 months and it is darn hard to get that leg up in back with a skate on. Wow. I didnt realize I had developed that muscle until I lost it. Now its barely level with my hip. I have to work on my flexibility too.
I think thats it for now.
Fun stuff! No new program, just same ole’ stuff, but I work on my old program just to go through some of the elements.

Ok.. now onto posting the video and back to chomping on my kettle corn popcorn for lunch.. mmmm so good.

Ok so heres the link to what I find is the most difficult moves on the silver test.