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Johnny Weir. Pop Star On Ice?

20 May

Alright, well none of us are all that surprised. Johnny Weir now has a documentary premiering May 24 at the Seattle Film Festival called “Pop Star On Ice.” And, who didn’t see that coming a mile away?

It looks interesting and I am definitely intrigued! To say the least. I won’t be at any of the locations that the film is being showed at so I am slightly bummed. I am sure it will be available to the public soon. It sounds like an Eminem soundtrack on the trailer. Rap about ice skating, huh. I never thought I would see the day!

It looks like Johnnie has finally found his outlet- he is very much the diva and while I didn’t enjoy his tantrums on and off the ice in the early days I have always loved his artistic skating.

He is probably my favorite male skater, although I admit that its probably because it is almost like watching one of the female skaters. However, he is such a fluid and graceful skater its hard not to be impressed, despite his sometimes questionable behavior.
You know what though? I think we need these types of personalities in skating to liven it up a bit and to give it a face. Much like the other sports, we need some spark that ignites the public and peaks their interest.
It may not always be the most clean face of skating but its real and its interesting and I guess that’s what counts for now. So check out the film trailer, you’ll be intrigued.