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Oops, I did it AGAIN.

21 May

Broke my leg, AGAIN, that is.

I’m sure it didn’t look as dramatic as this but it is very close to how I felt.

The words “toe pick”  have a whole new meaning for me now though. For fans of The Cutting Edge … can’t you just hear Moira Kelly aka Kate Mosley singing those two words?

For those interested in the gory details, I broke my leg by catching my toe pick in the ice while doing a back inside three turn pattern in a lesson. My body kept going and my toe pick kept sticking until I wrenched it out of the ice and fell hard to the side. I didn’t feel the fall at all, just the foot and ankle wrench. This proves that having extra fat on your body is a good thing in skating as it completely absorbs the shock from falls. Butt? Chest? Tons of cushion. Leg? Not so much.

The last time I broke my leg it felt so much worse then this that I thought I might have just wrenched my ankle terribly. Nope, no such luck. I did much more than that. Note to all skaters: If you fall and think you broke or sprained anything have the boot removed from your foot immediately before you even leave the ice. I remembered that from last time and that was the first thing I did when I hit the ice. You can’t feel anything right afterwards so that is the best time to remove it. Otherwise, you are going to be in trouble with a capital T. As it was I had to cut my favorite skate pants off later to get them off my leg.

RIP favorite tight skate pants. Sniff.

So, it’s been about a month now since that fateful day. I broke both my fibula and the top part of my ankle along with tearing some ligaments. I had surgery 2 weeks after to stabilize the breaks (that sucked) and now, here I am, sitting pretty with a fashion forward black boot that I can pump up with a big blue button at will. It sounds awesome, I know, but trust me, it has it’s drawbacks.

For one, I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if I hurt myself doing a triple axel. All non-skaters obviously. At first, I tried to explain exactly what I did and eyes would just glaze over. Now I save my breath and just say, YES, that’s exactly what I did, a triple axel broke my leg. So much more believable. It’s crazy, no one even questions it.

Now, it will be another 4 weeks before I can put weight on the leg and another 4-6 weeks before I’m out of my walking boot. Until then, I’ve invested heavily in what I call anti-anxiety & boredom medication aka beer. HA. Just kidding. Well, sort of. I temper it with food and this thing called ice cream. Extremely addicting. If anyone is wondering, Coldstone’s “The Pie Who Loved Me” is the absolute best. That pie loves me long time, people!

I do miss skating A LOT and my skating buddies. I miss flying around the rink and working on all those spins that I was finally figuring out how to do but I also miss that thing called WALKING the most. My arms are getting pretty ripped from those crutches though. That’s a plus and my left leg is super skinny. Sorry Kate Moss, my leg IS skinnier than yours at this point.

All kidding aside, I guess this is the risk you take whenever you play any sport especially one that requires sharp blades and a stiff boot. Right now, all I know is that I pushed myself to my limits this year trying to achieve everything I wanted to learn in skating, competed, tested and I did not hold back on anything (obviously ;)) I’m happy with that..for now.

Who knows if I will return to the ice after this break though. I don’t know. It’s an important question I’ve asked myself but it’s something I’ll think about later on down the road. Like, when I’m walking. Until then, that thing that looks like melted ice to us skaters… you know, the pool? Looks pretty darn good right now. I think I’m going to go try that for awhile. I’ll save the triple axel for later….and my legs!

To everyone else, happy skating this summer y’all!

Skating On The Sharpened Edge

3 Nov

Figure Skating Practice...so true

My favorite skating quote. 

However, right now, I have a confession to make…

I just had my skates sharpened after…gulp… A YEAR!

Yes, it’s true. I waited a whole friggen year to sharpen them. I’ve been averaging at least 6 hours of skating time a week if not more for the past few 10 months. I’ve been noticing some serious skidding on simple edges for the past month and knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I actually like having my skates sharpened but as the trip is about an hour and a half to the skate sharpener and I usually have to plan about 2 weeks in advance for the appointment, I tend to put it off. This time I really dropped the ball and pushed it way back.  I really wish now I hadn’t.

I take my silver test in exactly 3 1/2 weeks and this morning I spent a lot of time just figuring out how to stop. HA. I’m serious. My blades must have been so dull that now it’s like the blades are extremely sharp. I told Mike (skate sharpener) that I was taking a moves test and he even took the sharpening down a notch. Right now, it’s like I’m skating on completely new blades. T-stop? Non-existent. Back stop? Please. There had better not be anyone right behind me because I will plow right through them. I’m afraid to put the brakes on completely because these things stop completely so I end up skidding a bit. Did I mention that I broke my leg years ago on a front T-stop going too fast? Oh, yes, dragged my leg all the way around and snapped my Tibia. Hence, the freak out on stopping.

I’m trying to laugh and not panic right now. The good news is that things that seemed to take so much energy now take nothing at all. The edge just works. My cross strokes, crossovers, camel spins and spirals all benefited. Before, I was wondering what was wrong with me that I could not hold my spiral edges without a lot of effort whereas months ago it was never even an issue. Now, I know why. DUH.

Also this morning, while hesitant, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to just gently rock from side to side in the power pulls. Same thing with the back cross strokes, so easy. Nothing takes as much effort including the three turns. However, now I have to adjust my rhythm, push and timing on the three turns. I am way off on on both three turn patterns. I worked really hard to at least feeling somewhat comfortable going in and out of them, not perfect, but at least somewhat controlled. Now, it’s hit or miss again. I’m rocking way up to my toe to turn my back inside three turns, I think leaning too much. I was doing that a little bit anyway and now it is exaggerated and scary to be rocking towards the toe and almost tripping.

It’s so frustrating because I know that means I really didn’t have these moves under control anyway if sharpening my blades caused the turns to be as bad as they were this morning.  So, back to the drawing board I go. I’m not sure if this is going to be under control by the test but I’m going to have to work extremely hard to get everything back to where they were and then some. Oh yeah, and to be able to stop. Especially on the 8 step sequence. I’m like a freight train that gets up to full speed and then can’t stop…everyone on the ice around me should be running for their lives… or skating!

So we will see how things go in the next three weeks.

Until then, some notes from my last lesson on both of the Silver 3 Turn Patterns are below:

1. Look where you are going on the Fwd 3 turn. Always. Not down and not straight ahead  (that is not where you are going) this will place the turn in the middle of the pattern automatically.

2. On the back 3 you should always have your head turned to look over your shoulder, Free arm firmly back.

2. Bend the knee when coming in and out of the 3 turns greatly.

3. Keep the free leg close on both fwd and back 3 turns.

Happy Skating!

New Silver Program!

11 Sep

So, it’s been about 7 years since I’ve had an actual program and I am so excited!  I’m fiddling with the crazy idea of taking my silver free test with my silver moves test. The only issue is that I must pass the moves in order to take the free and I have to say I’m getting a bit of cold feet about this. I have no problem taking the free test even if the program is only 25 seconds at the moment, I think it is much easier to stand up on the jumps and spins, the problem is… the moves. UGH.

Now, you would think after working on these for ohh… let’s be generous and say…9 months consistently that these would be a piece of cake. You would be wrong. Dead wrong. I’ve got a back outside 3 turn problem that’s as big as the hoover dam. That’s pretty big. Maybe bigger, like the size of Texas big. Yeah, you get the point. Damn those 3 turns and damn my free leg. Eh.

Anyway, while I’m pondering my silver moves death star test I’ll show you the first few seconds of my brand spanking new silver free program. We just started on this about two weeks ago and I think the waltz in the beginning is going to get changed out but for now…sigh.. I am happy just to have something! Just to be skating to music instead of the dead space I call public session music is lovely.

I had a friend take the video for me during a public session last week and the music was pretty much in my head. Ok, all in my head but I dubbed in the music to make the video. I think it worked pretty well.  I do think my coach thinks otherwise at the moment but I’m going to go with the whole “I’m actually connecting the moves in some way that resembles something like a program” point of view. There is a lot of work to be done for sure like the camel spin, ina bauer connection etc but I’m moving that butt of mine down the ice and that’s better than nothing right now.

So without further ado, after 7 years program-less here is the first 25 seconds…. TA DAAA!

(don’t forget the popcorn!)


Do you Have a Testing Strategy?

12 Jun

I think sometimes as adult skaters we tend to think of testing as totally different animals from any other tests we’ve taken in life. Probably because this is physical and more importantly the stress or failure of the test might ruin the fun or the joy we have in skating. Even though I hate testing (yes, I really, really do) I see it as a culmination of all my hard work. I also know that if I do not have some type of aim that I will not progress as quickly and more importantly,  I will not be able to compete at the level I want.

Case in point, I took my bronze moves and free test in 2008. While I worked towards my silver test here and there, it wasn’t necessarily a concentrated aim. I’m not saying, I didn’t progress but it was definitely at a much slower rate then over the last 8 months or so when I’ve been solely concentrating on testing. It does push you in a specific direction which makes you focus more than ever before and in turn makes you so much better than you were.

As the time winds down though and I begin to piece all of my silver moves together,  I start to get into what I call test mode. This involves a hefty helping of panic and hyperventilation (with or without a bag) and an equally large dose of repetitive skating and talking to myself while I run through the moves. It’s not pretty, at first. Everything falls apart and then, gradually I start to calm down and I begin to strategically practice for that big test day. For anyone new to skating, it’s no different for any test or competition, skating or otherwise. I practice (a physical form of study) for my skating tests as I did for my masters exam in grad school.

What I have found works best is repetition. I’ve only taken 4 tests and competed a half a dozen times but each time I’ve achieved good results by just repetitively working through the moves. I’m not saying you won’t fail but if you practice the same way every time, your body will know what to do even when you are under pressure and incredibly nervous trying to skate on shaking legs. Repetition, repetition, repetition. That’s your friend.

A practice session 1-2 months before testing for me looks something like this:

Warm up 6 minutes:

This should be as soon as you get on the ice and whatever your coach has you do to warm up those moves or freestyle elements. It should be the same every time no matter what type of session it is. I give myself 6 minutes because that is typically what they give you in a test or competition to warm up. For adults, I think this is the hardest part. We like to take our time and feel the ice (our broken bodies ; ) You must be able to become loose and feel all those edges in that small amount of time. This part normally takes me about 2 weeks to get used to but if you are able to go right into your moves from this warm up you will be so much better off on the test.


Run Through Your Moves in the Order that You Will be Testing 

Start running thought everything according to the order that you will be performing them in front of the judges (see the usfsa guide book or watch the test videos on youtube). The first two weeks, I will probably make a mistake here and there and that’s ok, continue on to the next move. Eventually, I will work everything in order, one after another without deviation or issues.


Once You’ve done the Run Through of your Moves In the Beginning of a Session, Rework the Trouble Areas. 

If I am having trouble on a move or element I will rework it multiple times before trying to run through all the moves again.Eventually you want to become so consistent that you are only tweaking small things. At the end of the session I will run through all the moves one more time on tired legs.


In the Last two weeks before the Test, Practice in a Dress and Without Gloves or KneePads

If you are allowed gloves and knee pads, then ok 😉

I have an unholy obsession about having gloves on and so it takes about 2 weeks to ween myself off of them. Seriously, it’s a mental thing but I tried to break the habit beforehand. God forbid I go off my gloves cold turkey test day! Not a good scene.

This also goes for knee pads. (unless you can somehow cover them very well) Or maybe you’ve taken to wearing black pants with skating skirts, I’ve seen that on youtube for a lot of the Russian skaters. When I was younger I hardly ever wore knee pads. It’s not till this year in fact, that I started wearing them all the time under my skating pants. This is because I now treasure my knees and what little cartilage I have left ; )  Now, I’m dreading having to test without them. Also, skating in a dress never used to be that big of an issue but it is now since I always wear pants (to hide the knee pads people!) so this will be another adjustment. An adjustment that needs to be adjusted way before test day!


Finally, Make Sure You Are Running Through the Moves with Finished Ending and Beginnings. 

I call this presenting. I probably look like an insane person but I try to smile before starting any move and I try to really present to my imaginary crowd of people. Go ahead and laugh, those imaginary judges are super impressed. At least in my head they are!

I always try to have a clear beginning and ending. I think most coaches will show you how the move should be presented and finished. I like to finish with a T stop and I like to take my time (or I try to take my time) finishing the moves since that is what the judges will see last. This really helps cement the moves in your mind and I think it makes things look so much better. Also, keeping your head up, smiling and having nice posture just makes people watching you feel more at ease.


In the last week before the test I run through my moves at least 4 times a session from start to finish. 

If you can get through it four times with only very minor (no foot down!) tweaks then you are probably good to go and muscle memory will take over through the test.

Take the TEST!


My coach says that it takes about 200 times in order to fully do a move or element well. Or at least to really be proficient at it. A woman at the rink says she started writing down every time she did a move until test day. She said it really helped her pass her tests. It took her a month and half before she was able to do every move 200 times for her test and she said on test day she was ready!

Whether you write it down or not… repetition, repetition, repetition. If you practice it enough, it will happen. Oh. And BREATHE. and of course, don’t forget to SMILE!

Till Next time!






Shifting the Focus

8 Feb

Up until November I was skating 4-5 times a week. All in an effort to take the silver moves and freestyle tests by January or February at the latest. The final goal being to compete at adult sectionals and adult nationals in March and April. Since sectionals were to be where I lived I was very excited to work towards that goal.

However, it’s February now and did I take the test? No, unfortunately it didn’t happen. Not from lack of trying though, this time I didn’t have a choice. I just couldn’t skate anymore without major pain. It had become completely impossible to skate crossovers let alone silver level moves patterns down the ice.

I  had started my training last August from scratch and worked very hard at achieving my former level of skating (pre-summer) before actually working on test elements. August and September were also spent in group lessons rehashing the basics and learning a few new moves. I really focused on my moves like I never did before. Always being obsessed with freestyle this was a new focus for me. I wasn’t worried about the silver freestyle test, it was the moves I completely stressed about.

By the end of October, I had decided to take private lessons again and was ready to start working seriously on the silver moves patterns. I doubled my efforts on perfecting the 8-step mohawk sequence and then started in on the forward power pulls (the bane of my existence!) as well as alternating backward inside and forward outside 3-turn pattern. I learned a new way to pull into my camel AND for the first time started experiencing a pretty stable spin. But then…. my knees starting getting worse, especially as I performed those power pulls on one leg over and over again. The pain in my left knee was so bad that as soon as I stepped on the ice and tried to complete any type of crossover or three turn I would feel immediate stabs of pain. Not only was unable to do crossovers but the forward power pulls on my left leg were completely out of the question. It seems that my focus on moves was putting a tremendous amount of stress on my knees something that I had never really had much of an issue with practicing freestyle… makes you think how much harder moves can be on your body, doesn’t it?

I had also noticed since September that my warm up time had been getting longer and longer and my knees had been getting stiffer and stiffer while I skated. I was determined though that I make it to testing in January so I went back to my “old” physical therapy exercises and ramped up the warm up before I got on the ice. Nothing worked. Ice, heat, wraps, nothing. I was taking ballet, I had to stop. I could hear the crackling of my knees and I’m pretty sure that the movements especially the jumping were just making things worse.

When I finally went to my new orthopedist and had my knee x-rayed the final prognosis was patella-femoral syndrome. Something like runners knee, extremely common. My choices were arthroscopic surgery to allow the knee to track better (something my old orthopedist never advised) or physical therapy. Of course, I went to physical therapy. As much as I was in pain, it seemed extreme to do surgery. I also took a week off skating to rest. Just until I felt a little better. Surely that would happen in a week or two of rest and therapy?

Not so, I did therapy for a month. Skated twice, both times with the same pain. It seemed to be getting worse not better with therapy. At the same time I was doing the elliptical on my own, walking or weight training trying to desperately find something I could do to exercise without pain so I could keep up my fitness level. It just wasn’t happening, even the elliptical hurt. So, I finally had to stop thinking about taking that silver test. Darn it! By December I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I was disappointed to say the least.

Now, if you read back in my blog you’ll see reoccurring issues like this one over the past two years or so but nothing with pain so severe that would keep my off the ice for months just because of it. It was clear that this time I might need to really give up skating for a prolonged period of time or even for good!

Because… not only couldn’t I skate but I couldn’t really do anything else either. Walking sedately down the street seem to be the extent of my sportsmanship. Standing up, kneeling, going up stairs were all  a major pain and worse while I was skating. I wouldn’t even dream of running or jumping! So, I backed off the therapy and everything else in an effort to just give my body aka my knees a rest.

I completely stopped everything until maybe 3 weeks ago. Through the holidays and early January I avoided heels and anything remotely exercise related. I didn’t even look at skating because I knew I couldn’t handle it with my knee plus it depressed me ( to be honest). By January my knee was better, I could at least go up and down stairs without much pain just the usual slight achiness and I could go about my day to day schedule without an issue as well. It seemed that letting my knee rest had done some good.

I was left with this empty space though where skating and exercise had been. I knew my knee wasn’t really completely healed and I knew that as soon as I went back to skating it would come back.

… And it did. Something about the motion of skating just really aggravates it. So, I had my blades re-mounted and had new insoles put in hoping that it was an alignment issue. No such luck.

Now, I’ve never been a person of half measures. I am an all or nothing type of girl. Thinking about only skating once every 2 weeks or so just so my knee can have a time to recuperate each time was and still is to me like not being able to skate at all. So, I started looking at other options. It was clear to me that not having skating or any form of exercise was driving me and yes, my boyfriend completely crazy. I’ve always known it was a stress relief and a major outlet but after not skating for 2 1/2 months I realized once again how important the act of skating it is. However, I think it’s slowly killing my joints. I’m saying that in a nice way. I’ve gained much from the sport but after years of twisting myself into strange positions on the ice and repetitively jumping on thin steel blades I think that my body was/is trying to tell me enough is enough. My body is in knots, completely tight from repetitive use of the same muscles etc. and the knees are just the tip of the iceburg.

So, I’ve started to look at ways to unknot and re-align myself. Part of my knee issue is from tight hamstrings, calves and most definitely a tight IT band and also unbalanced muscles. Physical therapy tried to balance these muscles  but how can you balance something that isn’t even working properly? No one really has a full-proof treatment for patella femoral syndrome and there are many ways people have tried to rehabilitate themselves with mixed results.

So, over the next few weeks I’m hopeful I can blog about my new experiment to “unknot” and “balance” my body in the hope to not just return to skating but to fix some of those alignment issues I have seen re-occur because I pronate, have flat feet, and have had past injuries.

I decided to start with an exercise I would never have considered before, Bikram Yoga. Crazy? Yes, a little. Considering I’ve never been a yoga fan but heat and yoga appeals to my Floridian native self like other yoga never has. Plus it can be gentle and I need something to loosen these old muscles up.

My first bikram yoga and its results as related to my skating to be covered in my next blog post… Bikram pose below. Hmmm.. It looks like a spiral to me!

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga Pose

A Group Endeavor

23 Oct

A month and a half ago I signed up for two group skating classes to get back into the swing of things on the ice. My thought was that it would not only force me to be on the ice twice a week but also to practice in between to keep up with new elements. So, I found an Advanced Freestyle class for adults about 40 minutes away from me and I also found an Adult basic moves class at a rink 10 minutes away from me. The adult basic class I took more because I found a good deal for 50% off the total price of 7 classes as it also included 7 free public session passes. In my mind, that was as good as free ice! As it turned out, I was a little too advanced for the adult basic class so they placed me in Freestyle 4 with the kids. My first thought was that I was going to be a huge hulking adult in a class of tiny little jumping beans but my classmates were mainly a 13 yr old and a 15 yr old who were neither super tiny or complete jumping beans.

In taking both of these classes I revisited both new and old moves and jumps to practice. I was given instruction and tips that helped me remember points that I had long forgotten, mainly on my moves. In addition I went from skating 2 times a week to 6 times a week just to keep up practice and build up my skating muscles. Both classes have ended this week and I am so happy that I threw myself into both of them! After I had my blades permanently mounted correctly two weeks ago though things just took off. I haven’t skated this much since grad school 9 years ago!

It feels so great to be able to go out there and practice almost every day on the ice too. Everyday I feel just a little bit stronger and more stable. There have been days when my knees have been extremely sore or when I’ve run out of energy but just going out onto the ice and doing some basic moves or spins really helps get things going. I do have a goal in mind this year and that is to finally take the silver moves and freestyle test. I’m very focused on the moves portion right now as I am fairly sure that the freestyle portion will be fine. Then, I plan on competing in the Adult sectionals in MD. Ambitious? A little. However, I’ve been working on the silver level moves and freestyle for a couple years on and off so it’s about time I put it together. Having a solid goal makes me work harder though and gives me perspective on what I should be practicing at each session.

I just passed the Freestyle 4 test last week in my group session which actually involved the 8 step mohawk sequence in the silver moves test. We also worked on inside three turns (my nemesis!) which are also on the silver moves test so it was definitely good group practice ice. I’m not sure if I am going to take the Freestyle 5 class yet since its at the regular price but it may be good for my camel, flip and moves patterns if I do. In today’s last lesson I practiced loop-loops, sal-loop combos and then my lovely flip jump. Anyone reading this, knows how I’ve struggled with that jump. I’ve taken the last month or so to really only do a limited amount of full flips. I’ve been working on just jumping back on one foot going backwards down the ice over and over again careful to stay on my right side and then completing one turn to the front and landing on both feet. I’m trying to break the habit of bending my leg on the jump. Today I completed all my flips, not perfectly but I did, I felt, do a better job then in the past keeping my free leg straight and waiting to tap in.

The advanced freestyle class I took exposed me to other advanced adult skaters. One of which was doing doubles just recently learned. That is very inspiring to see as you are always exposed to children or coaches doing these advanced moves or jumps but it’s a different experience to be next to someone who you can connect with on a similar level and actually aspire to reach. I did work on my forward to back scratch which I didn’t even know I could still do! As well as back inside and outside three turn patterns. We also learned brackets which is really very new to me. I do remember many years ago being introduced to these but I neither remembered the actual move or have practiced them. At any rate, I love them! I work on them every chance I get from a stand still to get into the rhythm/cadence of switching from that inside to outside edge.
Amazingly enough, I would be much more willing to do a pattern with brackets then with back inside three turns!

Also, just this week, we also started axel preps. I liken those practices to watching my life flash before my eyes as I fling my body around from a stand still and land on both feet. I know flinging is not at all what its supposed to be but from my eyes that’s what it feels like! I can only hope that gets better with time!

After both of these classes I am now left with either continuing group classes or starting private lessons again. I know that I will need to eventually start privates again as I’m reaching my limit with practicing what I know and those moves pattern need some correction to be up to par for the test. I also know my camel and lutz as well as any type of axel practice will need to continue under private coaching. So, for the next 2 weeks I will be sharing lessons with another adult under a coach I took group lessons from a year ago. So, for now that will work and then in two weeks I will make the decision to move onto private lessons!

As with my previous posts from other years I’ve always posted my notes from my lessons and I’ve been saving them up! These are my notes and my interpretation of the coaching I’ve received so always read them with that thought in mind

Onto the recap:

Make sure you have a nice knee bend, soft knees going backward.
Pushes are like your crossover, you want to make sure that free foot crosses over in front of the skating foot before lifting it up.
Push outside the circle
Push the ice as if you were making it move and you were standing still. This should increase the power of the progressives and give you a more solid push.
(these instructions were give to me by a male ice dancer, I just had to add that! 😉

Mohawk in the Eight Step Mohawk sequence
Step very close to your skating foot, do not make a wide stepping 3 turn.
Place the free foot next to your heel as you step down into the mohawk.

Back Spin (yes, again, more notes)
Keep strong left check, left arm should always be in front and kept in front.
Left check on right inside edge.
Knees bent.
Make sure there is that transition of moving the free leg from the back to the side and then in front.
This is something that I’ve never felt before this year, it’s almost like the free leg on the scratch. You need that side position to center yourself before pulling into the spin.
Stay over your right side.

Start on deep inside edge with same arm in front, develop a down up down cadence when turning onto the back outside edge.

Old notes from private lessons in the spring:
Lesson 3-9-11

Forward Power Pulls
Start on two feet, parallel to boards
shoulders should always face forward
Actions should be in a twisting motion.
Shoulders and rib cage should twist against your skates.

Do on two feet first on the line, short turns where your shoulders sharply twist to the front while feet are going side to side

4 on two feet, 4 on one foot and switch

Make sure you are twisting against yourself each time.
Short motions
Foot should be beside the other foot.
Head up, shoulders down.

Off Ice Jump Lesson 3-8-11

Practice plie and releve to the front of your toes. Careful not to roll ankles outward
Then, practice jumping straight up arms in front, hips should be held tight to the front when jumping.
Think…pushing in (forward) butt and hips sharply to get that lift.

Push through toes to get lift.

Then, start practicing 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn, and whole turn
Then whole turn with legs crossed, practice landing with feet crossed, hop twice around on landing and then hold landing position.

Lesson for Sit Spins
Bend from the waist, balance out the butt with chest and head against thighs, flat back. Bend also from the ankle deeply. Try to get lower!

Scratch Spins
Push out quickly from the spin, don’t wait to come out of it.

Backward Inside and Outside 3 turns
Push into turns – opposite arm leads on outside and same arm leads on inside.
Keep core still, use muscles! Lock thighs together when turning backward outside three. Keep free hip up and look outside circle. When turning inner three’s look inside the circle with arm crossed in front of you. USE SPEED FOR MOMENTUM!

Quickness for jumps –
Loop Jump – don’t wait, move quicker into the jump.
Ride outside edge.

Happy Skating!

A Silver Pattern and Adult Figure Skating Videos

4 Oct

Today’s lesson was better. I decided my new skates just were not working out. They were making my bone spurs hurt and they felt ungodly heavy! I made an executive decision.

In with the old, out with the new. Within a half an hour on the ice I had warmed up and re-aquainted myself with my old skates. I felt more spring in my jumps and my spins were way faster! I’ll be selling the new ones and will look for other skates to replace the old ones for next year.
If anyone is interested, they are Reidell, Silver Star’s (7.5), used 3 months and are in good shape.

Onto the lesson recap.
We worked on the adult silver moves pattern, backward outside three’s. It was much better this week then it was the other week when I slammed my head off the ice. I was actually able to complete the pattern although my coach said I was retrogressing (sp?). Well, I have serious problems making my pattern even and turning the three at the tops of the lobes. That is something I will have to work on along with keeping my free leg up and turned in. I have a major turnout and its probably from dance/ballet, it just feels better to turn my hip out. This is probably not optimal for figure skating so it’s something that I will have to be conscious of.

After we went through the pattern we started to work on my program. We added twizzles and another flip jump. Joy of joys, my favorite jump will be in my program twice. Between the flips and the lutz, I’ll be in a constant state of terror throughout the program. After the flip we placed a sit change sit to end the program. Since the sit spin is so easy for me we decided to place it at the end rather than in the middle. We placed my camel in the middle right after the first flip. The camel is also iffy. I really am going to have to start practicing more and more if I am ever going to be able to perform this program well consistently!

I would like to see more adult skating programs so I can compare the level of difficulty. That would really help. I’ve seen a few on youtube and they are so great to watch!

I think I am going to start gathering a collection of them on my channel so that they are all in one place. I’ll start posting one or two here as well.

I love posting my favorite amateur and pro skaters here but I think since this is an adult skating journal I should cover the adults more often.

So, in the spirit of things I am posting my first adult figure skating video of the week here – An Adult Silver Skater, Youtube Name: Bublmidget