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Flip! or Hello Kitty?

10 Oct

For anyone who has read any part of my blog you will know that I have had a love hate relationship with the flip jump. Actually, it’s more like just a lot of hate. I’m not going to mince words here. There is absolutely no love in my body for the flip. However, I have been practicing it regularly lately to test silver freestyle. I know I need to do it and I need to stop being afraid of it so I’ve been working on it. I hate this jump so much that I’ve renamed it something else to take the stigma away from it.

Meet……Hello Kitty

aka Flip Jump

Unfortunately, now I’m hating on hello kitty and that’s just wrong ; ) Sorry, Hello Kitty.

I also bet if you took all the notes I’ve written over the years for doing a solid single flip jump that I would have a small novel.Too many instructions to count but here we go again and hopefully this time it sticks!

Despite the hate, I do think my jump has improved over the years so I’ve included a much earlier video from 2007 (sorry, quality is pretty bad but you can kind of get the gist) of my flip and this mornings (10/10/14)  flip attempt for comparison. Maybe I’m just obsessed.

Flip from 2007

Current Flip 2014

And the notes from my last lesson on the flip is below….

Flip Jump Tips from 10/10/14 

1. Push strongly into the jump with the right free leg so there is an opposite reaction when you turn the 3 turn, reach and pick.

note: in the current video I start with the right free leg way too high to push and don’t push enough although there is definitely more of a push then there was before.

2. Reach all the way back with the right leg to pick in and don’t hesitate.

note: I still hesitate a bit, this is very noticeable in the earlier videos. My timing is still a bit off currently although not as much as before.

3. Bring the arms in, especially the right arm. Don’t let it drop, take it with you when you pick in.

note: I drop my right arm and it pulls me off balance. It’s a bad habit letting that shoulder and arm go. It needs to come up and into the middle of my chest. Once I pull that right arm up the jump does it feel better. This applies to all the jumps. This is my dirty little secret…. dropping that right arm. Don’t do it!

And that’s about it. Till next time!

Happy Skating!

New Silver Program!

11 Sep

So, it’s been about 7 years since I’ve had an actual program and I am so excited!  I’m fiddling with the crazy idea of taking my silver free test with my silver moves test. The only issue is that I must pass the moves in order to take the free and I have to say I’m getting a bit of cold feet about this. I have no problem taking the free test even if the program is only 25 seconds at the moment, I think it is much easier to stand up on the jumps and spins, the problem is… the moves. UGH.

Now, you would think after working on these for ohh… let’s be generous and say…9 months consistently that these would be a piece of cake. You would be wrong. Dead wrong. I’ve got a back outside 3 turn problem that’s as big as the hoover dam. That’s pretty big. Maybe bigger, like the size of Texas big. Yeah, you get the point. Damn those 3 turns and damn my free leg. Eh.

Anyway, while I’m pondering my silver moves death star test I’ll show you the first few seconds of my brand spanking new silver free program. We just started on this about two weeks ago and I think the waltz in the beginning is going to get changed out but for now…sigh.. I am happy just to have something! Just to be skating to music instead of the dead space I call public session music is lovely.

I had a friend take the video for me during a public session last week and the music was pretty much in my head. Ok, all in my head but I dubbed in the music to make the video. I think it worked pretty well.  I do think my coach thinks otherwise at the moment but I’m going to go with the whole “I’m actually connecting the moves in some way that resembles something like a program” point of view. There is a lot of work to be done for sure like the camel spin, ina bauer connection etc but I’m moving that butt of mine down the ice and that’s better than nothing right now.

So without further ado, after 7 years program-less here is the first 25 seconds…. TA DAAA!

(don’t forget the popcorn!)


A Silver Pattern and Adult Figure Skating Videos

4 Oct

Today’s lesson was better. I decided my new skates just were not working out. They were making my bone spurs hurt and they felt ungodly heavy! I made an executive decision.

In with the old, out with the new. Within a half an hour on the ice I had warmed up and re-aquainted myself with my old skates. I felt more spring in my jumps and my spins were way faster! I’ll be selling the new ones and will look for other skates to replace the old ones for next year.
If anyone is interested, they are Reidell, Silver Star’s (7.5), used 3 months and are in good shape.

Onto the lesson recap.
We worked on the adult silver moves pattern, backward outside three’s. It was much better this week then it was the other week when I slammed my head off the ice. I was actually able to complete the pattern although my coach said I was retrogressing (sp?). Well, I have serious problems making my pattern even and turning the three at the tops of the lobes. That is something I will have to work on along with keeping my free leg up and turned in. I have a major turnout and its probably from dance/ballet, it just feels better to turn my hip out. This is probably not optimal for figure skating so it’s something that I will have to be conscious of.

After we went through the pattern we started to work on my program. We added twizzles and another flip jump. Joy of joys, my favorite jump will be in my program twice. Between the flips and the lutz, I’ll be in a constant state of terror throughout the program. After the flip we placed a sit change sit to end the program. Since the sit spin is so easy for me we decided to place it at the end rather than in the middle. We placed my camel in the middle right after the first flip. The camel is also iffy. I really am going to have to start practicing more and more if I am ever going to be able to perform this program well consistently!

I would like to see more adult skating programs so I can compare the level of difficulty. That would really help. I’ve seen a few on youtube and they are so great to watch!

I think I am going to start gathering a collection of them on my channel so that they are all in one place. I’ll start posting one or two here as well.

I love posting my favorite amateur and pro skaters here but I think since this is an adult skating journal I should cover the adults more often.

So, in the spirit of things I am posting my first adult figure skating video of the week here – An Adult Silver Skater, Youtube Name: Bublmidget

Finished Choreographing Silver Program

21 Apr

Good Lord… that took awhile to do. WE finally finished choreographing my silver program. I think there is going to have to be some adjustments as far as which jumps are where but other then that its done.
I tried to run through it both on Friday (when my coach and I finished it) and Monday at the lunch skate. WOW. Talk about, long. If I make it through the sit change sit, the flip loop, the footwork, and the three turns into a camel without flopping on the ice like a fish gasping for air then it will be a miracle. Hmm, that and if I make it through the program without botching something, I will be completely amazed.

Unfortunately our ice rink will close in may and part of June and then reopen in mid June. I may travel the 30 minutes to the other rink to practice but it will be hit or miss. However,once they reopen the ice here I will be skating at least 3 times a week easily maybe even 4 times a week!
Since our coffee club sessions will be on Saturdays I will be able to make them (during the school year they are m, w, and f around 8am.)
I will also pay less for ice time since I will go to public sessions to skate instead of all freestyles like I do in the winter and spring. That’s because there will be no one on the ice during the summer. Just the way I like it! So, hopefully I will test silver free and moves in the fall (or at least one) the moves are another story. I shiver when I think about them.

In other news, our ice show is this week and our test session is next week. I am putting on the test session for the first time. Its alot of work and I am kind of nerve wracked by it. Just a bit. Hopefully all will go well and no disaster will occur!

Knock on wood.

Now, onto practicing endurance and that funky waltz, half loop, sal combo – my whine on Friday morning practice is going to be…”cant we just change it to sal/half loop/loop?!! pleeese!”

The mohawk into a salchow is just not working for me, what can I say? I can do it, but its not going to be pretty 😉