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New Skates CAN give you Ankle Burns

29 Jun

I finally decided to break in my new skates. Well, almost new skates.

I bought the boots (Reidell Silver Stars) from our used skate sale last fall. They were worn a few times by another adult skater at the rink. I was skating at the freestyle session and hadn’t planned on looking at the skate sale. For some time I had been looking for new skates. I have a pair of jacksons and while they have been durable and have carried me through several competitions (including adult nationals) it was becoming apparent they probably wouldn’t last much longer. I bought the Jacksons in 2004 so I think I had my monies worth. In addition to that, I used to have reidell’s and I had wanted to return to them. I have a narrow foot and I think that reidell’s really fit those type of feet well. So, after finding the reidell boots at the skate sale I decided to try them on and voila! They fit. After I bought them I had intentions to transfer to them immediately but as ice is at a premium in the winter and I was having trouble just mantaining my skills I decided to put breaking them in off until the summer.

So here I am beginning the torturous process of breaking the boot and blades in. All was fine my first day back on the ice. My spins are very off centered and my balance was off and I couldn’t bend nearly as much but otherwise they were fine. Actually my toe jumps were improved so that was a nice bonus! The huge toepick on the blades helped quite a bit!

However, last week (my second time out with them) I skated. I admit sometimes I do not wear footed tights with my skates. On this particular day it was humid in the rink and I was pushing myself a little more then the week before. I was also tying and retying the skates- as well as loosening them to be able to bend more which enabled the top of the skates to create a rubbing sensation.
I started feeling a little burn halfway through the freestyle session, an uncomfortable sensation which I ignored. In figure skating, I think you get used to uncomfortable feelings and just push through alot of things, you just get used to it. On this particular day it was a bad idea.
When I took off my skates I had burns all around my ankle from the skates. The skin had rubbed against the skates and they were just raw. I couldn’t even shower without the water burning my ankles. Now, this was last Tuesday, and they are healing but the burns are most definitely still there. I may actually try to skate tomorrow but I cringe at the thought of the skating rubbing against my ankle again. Two lessons learned though.
1. Don’t ignore pain from new skates
2. Don’t skate without tights/thin socks in humid weather πŸ˜‰

Now, those were some serious ankle burns!


27 Sep

And.. it is the start of the figure skating season very soon and with that comes my new schedule.
In between working my two jobs I am now focusing on getting back into shape and improving my skating skills.
I think I have gained 10lbs this summer… its probably both old age and the fact that I did not skate more than 1-2 days a week over the summer some times skipping whole weeks! horrors of horrors πŸ˜‰
Well – apparently it was very bad because I thought that skating didnt really help my weight that much. Um… I was very wrong. It wont keep my super thin (well- I’m not sasha or training for sectionals) but it does keep me somewhat toned and at a decent weight.
Hmmm so now I have to schlep- it off slowly….
OK- so I have been skating every week. I am moving up to 4 times a week as the fall season commences and I am hoping to achieve a consistant camel this year as well as a decently centered layback. Also… a decent back spin and a good lutz.
Axel could be in there but I wont put it in there just yet πŸ˜‰
I have a lesson every friday and we have been working on my silver moves which I will record soon. I am actually managing those inside to outside three turns.. lol… a month ago I couldnt even manage one of the inside three turns…nice huh?
Plus I am working on my forward power pulls which I have issues with but at least now I get halfway down the ice. Hooray!

So to recap what I did last friday before I forget… and well, its also the point of my blog.. to record all my lessons or at least most of them and help others and me to remember what to work on and how…

1. Should keep left shoulder in front on the back spin, also complete exercises just holding that deep right inside edge with free leg behind before going into back spin. (I have issues there folks)
2. Always point your take off toe on take off in your edge jumps. It provides much more spring into your jumps.
3. The left shoulder should be completely closed on your loop. An exercise that i do now to teach me to do this is:
Start on a circle going backwards in your loop take off direction.
Then in an inside edge like power pull i place my right foot all the way behind and deeply bend my left leg and drop my left shoulder in front while looking behind me- then rise to loop position with free foot (left foot in front and right behind, left shoulder closed) and I repeat 2 more times then on the third time I jump into the loop. Its hard to explain.
Video coming πŸ˜‰

Thats it for now.
I think those were the most important points for this week.
No flip horror stories for now. I HATE THAT Jump.
Ok., well anyone who reads this blog will see my struggle with that thing over the years.
Alrighty, Its sat night and I have real issues since I am spending it writing in my skating blog… but hey… thats how you know you are skating obsessed!

OMG.. I did forget one thing… I went to our skating clubs skate sale and actually found a pair of barely used size 7 reidell silver star boots!!!

I was so excited. And they fit! For those of us who are budget challenged you are going to flip when I tell you the price!

$75!!! Amazing. I know the woman who owned them before, they didnt work out for her. But they feel really nice on my feet and they fit snuggly. I have had jacksons for 4 years now. I really wanted to go back to reidells for some time. Not to mention the Jacksons always felt so high- and I am tall already that it made it harder to dig into the ice. MIght be a mind thing but reidells have a smaller heel so that will be nice. So I thought I could just move my blades onto those boots but it turns out Jackson 7’s are not the same as reidell’s. I think my jacksons are all stretched out so its not like I am cramming my foot into those but the reidells require a longer blade. Weird.
Maybe I had the wrong size before? Could be. I dont know. My feet always hurt in those things but I have really flat feet and that could be a result of that issue.
Anyway, I have to pick up the blades that went with them. Never heard of them but I think they are a basic freestyle blade- not the best but they will do for now. The budget can take $35 barely used blades not $200…. lol
So I am going to get them mounted tomorrow and I am so excited! I thought I would have to wait until next year and to be frank.. those jacksons stink! hahaa…