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Starting the Season with a Bang!

13 Sep

Today was the official start of the season for our rink. Its the beginning of junior and senior subscription ice. Normally I just do the adult ice on Monday’s but since my coach is only teaching on Sunday’s during the regular club subscription ice (geared more for the Jr. club but due to lagging membership it was opened to all) it was necessary that I skate today.

I haven’t had a lesson in probably a month and my lessons in general have been sporadic all summer so today I was somewhat looking forward to the lesson. However, the other half of me was a bit in fear because I had only skated once this week (yesterday) and knew I wasn’t feeling all that solid on the ice.

Once on the ice, I had a nice chat with my coach and then we started on my silver moves. She chose the back outside 3 turn pattern to start with which ordinarily I like but was having a hard time remembering the exact pattern. She showed me the beginning of the pattern and I promptly followed behind her. As I turned the first back outside three on the fresh, clean ice I felt my heel slip from underneath me and went down hard on my back and slammed my head off the ice. I literally felt it bounce.

To say I was a bit stunned is an understatement. I do normally bounce right back up after falling, just not on my head! After laying there in pain for 5 seconds or so, I did stand up, albeit slowly. I felt fine after a few minutes although I took it slow afterwards. My coach was really worried since she thought it looked like a nasty fall.

I have to say, the last time I really slammed my head that hard off the ice was back in 2003 learning a scratch spin. I am wondering now, things usually come in three’s so maybe this was my last injury for some time? One can hope, anyway, first the ankle burn, then the bone spur and thirdly slamming my head off the ice today. I think I hit a nice range of injuries! Maybe now I will be injury free for the next few months? At any rate, I did start our season off with a bang! I’m going to take it easy after this one – back in 03′ at the ripe old age of 23 I didn’t give the head slam another thought (scary, aren’t I?) now I pay more attention to those things!

Oh well, again, time will tell. Hopefully it will not be anything very serious and I will be fine sans headache or issues tomorrow. It’s always those moves that are dangerous though! Never have I hurt myself badly on a jump and yet we all spend alot of time obsessing over those!

This is going to be a long post since I want to record what we did in the lesson today. I usually do that, but you know just in case tomorrow I forget what I did later – it will all be right here waiting for me! Uh, yep, you know you are obsessed with skating when you slam your head off the ice and immediately go home and record your lesson in a skating blog so you don’t lose the information! (or money for that matter!)

1. Back Outside Three’s
A return to basics
– make sure free leg hip is up
– start with inside right three turn, right arm up
– follow with right outside three, switch arms, make sure free foot is crossed in front above the ice.
– switch arms, face outside the circle, left arm leads, rock back on heel and then turn.

Repeat on both sides – conscious of free hip being up.

2. Salchow’s (This is my best jump, and I am trying to start exercises for the double)
– Take your time with the entrance
– Hold the inside three turn and do not drop the hip
– make sure free leg is behind you when turning the three then let it do the work when springing into the jump.
– keep free leg straight behind and point toes when jumping.
– it should be a very controlled entrance without scraping

3. Sal/Loop
– make sure free hip is closed
– immediately push into the loop after the sal
– keep left arm firmly in front of chest and right arm back.
– point toes when jumping up.
– Arms should scoop
– possibly practice this as sal/loop/backspin

4. Flip (possibly my most hated jump)
– working on holding the free leg behind me straight once I turn that three.
– keep the free hip up, up , up!
– focus on something at eye level to keep head up and make jump bigger.
– Work on these from both a stand still and in the program with a straight leg.
(these are getting very consistent, I just have technique issues with bending my leg)

I also ran through my program again today, and it was better time wise. We just need to adjust the end. If you watch the Jr. Grand Prix Skater from Belgium, Ruben Blomaert (sp?), short program on ice network you can hear what music I am using.

Darn it, I missed Brian Boitano’s food network show today!

Till next Sunday then…