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Lutz Fake Out

19 Feb

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated and while I did take a brief break from skating back in November following my Silver moves test (one pass and 2 retries, boooo! more on that later) I’ve been hard at work on some of my freestyle elements.

I decided it was time to have some fun and do something other than just moves for awhile. Make no mistake though, I will be back to the grind again on those patterns to retest and I’ve even incorporated some of those moves in my warm up, but for now, it’s all about improving my basic skating skills and linking the freestyle elements together.

In addition, I’ve also decided last minute to compete at eastern sectionals in the bronze freestyle and compulsory category. My original goal was to compete at silver but since I still have to retry the silver moves I figured I would give my old bronze program one last hurrah. Kind of a final farewell and hello at the same time. The last time I competed was 7 years ago at the Adult Nationals in Lake Placid so, it’s hello competition again and farewell bronze because after this I will be solely working on finishing my silver program. In the meantime, I’ve added my camel sit change sit to the program as well as my layback and lutz to test out the elements for silver. It’s going to be interesting to see if my body holds together (aka knees) long enough to practice freestyle on a regular basis!

So, let’s get right into today’s lesson, lutz and flip! My two not favorite jumps. If you are a toe jumper I really, really envy you and… I may hate you a teensy bit ; )

On to the lesson:

Flip Jump (left 3 turn entrance with push):

These were ok today, I still have a tendency to draw my picking leg in at the last minute as well as to hesitate. I need to work a lot on bending my skating leg before picking in.

1. Strong entrance push from the right leg to turn the 3 turn.

2. Hold arms still and open to the right.

3. Extend free leg and bend very deeply on the left leg (skating leg). Bend even more than you think you can bend when backwards and then pick in with more force.

4. Keep right arm up and don’t let arms drop on the landing.

5. Strong check on the landing with arms up and out.

Lutz or as I like to call it “My fake out jump”:

So, this is my fake out jump because I have a small pause just after I pick in which allows me to turn on my toe pick and do more like a loop rather than a lutz. Bam. Fake out! Eh. It’s definitely a work in progress. My coach says I should be happy with this progress though since not too long ago I could barely do a good flip let alone a lutz so she feels this is moving along ok even with the delay in picking.

1. Work on the entrance edge, always start crossovers from behind the blue line on the other side of the rink (the one on the other side of the circle from your lutz corner)

2. Crossovers behind the blue line should start closer to the side of the rink. Two cross overs and then skate close to the boards for a right inside edge sweep (I’m not sure what to call this?) then lift left leg high, look to the inside and straighten out for preparation for the jump.

3. Arms held straight out over the left side, head looking slightly left, right foot to the front of skating leg as you slowly bring your arms to the front (keeping the arms up, do not drop them by the sides!) while the free foot slowly moves to the back of the skating leg with the arms moving eventually out to the right side (again, do not let them drop to the sides).

4. Head should face forward or slightly to the left just before you jump.

5. Very strong pick in on straight free leg.

Here is a good example of the lutz entry set up I’m doing by MK, just picture it being a single and slower!

All in all, I think my lutz was much better today than 2 weeks ago. I was dropping my left arm to my side instead of keeping it straight out in the beginning and I was also looking way to the right. My coach does not want me to look to the right behind me because much more advanced skaters will do this when they are very sure of the jump. She feels looking to the right makes it harder to jump to the left (further to rotate). So, I’m working on looking to the left because I was looking way to the right just before jumping.

So far, so good. Now, I just have to put it into practice!

Happy Skating!

Flip! or Hello Kitty?

10 Oct

For anyone who has read any part of my blog you will know that I have had a love hate relationship with the flip jump. Actually, it’s more like just a lot of hate. I’m not going to mince words here. There is absolutely no love in my body for the flip. However, I have been practicing it regularly lately to test silver freestyle. I know I need to do it and I need to stop being afraid of it so I’ve been working on it. I hate this jump so much that I’ve renamed it something else to take the stigma away from it.

Meet……Hello Kitty

aka Flip Jump

Unfortunately, now I’m hating on hello kitty and that’s just wrong ; ) Sorry, Hello Kitty.

I also bet if you took all the notes I’ve written over the years for doing a solid single flip jump that I would have a small novel.Too many instructions to count but here we go again and hopefully this time it sticks!

Despite the hate, I do think my jump has improved over the years so I’ve included a much earlier video from 2007 (sorry, quality is pretty bad but you can kind of get the gist) of my flip and this mornings (10/10/14)  flip attempt for comparison. Maybe I’m just obsessed.

Flip from 2007

Current Flip 2014

And the notes from my last lesson on the flip is below….

Flip Jump Tips from 10/10/14 

1. Push strongly into the jump with the right free leg so there is an opposite reaction when you turn the 3 turn, reach and pick.

note: in the current video I start with the right free leg way too high to push and don’t push enough although there is definitely more of a push then there was before.

2. Reach all the way back with the right leg to pick in and don’t hesitate.

note: I still hesitate a bit, this is very noticeable in the earlier videos. My timing is still a bit off currently although not as much as before.

3. Bring the arms in, especially the right arm. Don’t let it drop, take it with you when you pick in.

note: I drop my right arm and it pulls me off balance. It’s a bad habit letting that shoulder and arm go. It needs to come up and into the middle of my chest. Once I pull that right arm up the jump does it feel better. This applies to all the jumps. This is my dirty little secret…. dropping that right arm. Don’t do it!

And that’s about it. Till next time!

Happy Skating!

back spin hop….

6 Jul

Lately.. its all been about the back spin.
In order to help me with my air position, jumping ability etc… my coach has been making me do all types of back spin exercises which as we all know scare me to death, lol..

Here’s my little list:
1. back spin
2. back spin, jump up, continue back spin
3. loop, back spin, loop
4. sit spin change to back sit

I think thats enough back spin things for me to work on for the next 3 months. I am making up for loss time I suppose. I think I actually have a pretty closed position when jumping. I also think thats what makes my single jumps a little awkward. Hopefully this exercises will help with stability.
I have also been doing moves – that I mentioned in the last blog. In addition, I have been working on my waltz entrances as a precursor to the axel. Consecutive outside edges into the waltz jump on the line and crossroll, mohawk, strong c-cut and then waltz/loop as well as my crazy alternating lunges into a waltz. My left lunge still blows.
I almost forgot.. I am starting rockers. Interesting little suckers, I got the general idea but they are really slow going. Same thing with the consecutive outside three turns ;( yuck.

At any rate I was working on straightening out my flip again. I land then but my leg is never straight on the reach back so I was trying to fix it. Slightly disastrous..lol. I will post the video here so y’all can see my funky pick in.
I was also working on my laybacks which i think need some tweaking. My leg look too high so I tried lowering it based on the videos I was taking which I will also post here.
I have a few camels (sucky) and sit change sits too.

I am getting my skates sharpened so I am hoping that will help my camels 😉 lol.
It has been a couple months so I can at least say it might help.
Well…. onto the video upload…

First Lesson of the Summer….

25 Jun

Ok, so with the return of the ice are the return of the lessons.
We started with some warm-ups and then jumps.
Each jump is attached to a lesson or exercise designed to help me jump correctly and use my arms- or rather how not to use my arms..lol
I was sprawled on the ice at least 4 times. So- I think I was learning.
First exercise are the warm ups… Inside three turn to outside three switch legs inside 3 to outside 3. My free hip falls and my left is much worse then my right. I dont check after the outside three turn so of course I let my free hip fall to stop the rotation. I have to learn to let my free knee lead rather then my shoulders.
Something to work on. Actually, this exercise also includes choctaws after that but since I could barely do the 3 turns in tandem we thought maybe I should just focus on those ; )

Then, we did cross rolls, where I would really pick up my free leg and hold it straight out behind me before bring it in front for the cross roll. Kind of like a spiral. This I think is meant to get me to control the cross roll. Um.. I realized then and there that I needed to work on those butt muscles… cause holding that leg was really starting to hurt..haha

Then we did that backwards… super difficult for me since I tend to rise up so concentrated on bending and also opening up in the shoulders as I stepped back. The bending really helped alot. I couldnt really lift my leg that high up but at least I am getting the idea.

In addition – we went over waltz jumps (which are ok- but we need to improve them) We did forward one foot glides on a curve into a waltz. If you think thats easy… just try em!
We also did forward lunges into waltz. It would be Left deep lunge (let the free leg swing around a little) with arms pulled back and then switch to right lunge and then left and then into waltz….eek.
I cheated on my left lunge cause thats my bad lunge side… so gotta work on those babies. Thats supposed to teach me to pull my arms back and through and I think also to stay on an edge.

From there we went on to loops. My main problem on everything is letting my upper body lead and go a bit ahead of lower half which causes all kinds of trouble. So we worked on loop/half loop/loop/half loop.
I need to pull my arms though and not up. Also I need to do a strong C-push after the half loop to maintain the speed and good position into the Loop. Thats why my second loop is sooo tight- because I don’t set up well and its like I am jumping in a circle.

After that torture we did Back three turns to try and control the arms coming in and the free hip from falling. I am supposed to do three- controlled ones with arms in and not pre-rotating my upper half. I fell at least twice on this.
Then I did sal/loop/half loops… had a surprising spill on the first one. that doesnt usually happen.. but that one hurt.

At the end we worked on my flip. WHICH IS ALWAYS TROUBLE. Except I have been drilling them everyday I skate now.. and they have been pretty good. Landed them all on sunday and most on friday. But of course the ones yesterday in lesson were total crap. I think I was trying to change and think about things again and I had my same problem. I wasnt holding my left shoulder in front and my timing was off and I was tense in the shoulders. So I need to relax and really think about keeping the left shoulder in front as usual.
Then she made my do them from a one-foot open spin. Literally… terrifying way to do them.
You spin openly 4-5 times and then stop and pick into the flip. Its supposed to teach you to really check with your left shoulder.
Omg… I fell and I kinda freaked. But I got one almost up. Thats going to need some work 🙂
I’ll tape one of those so everyone can see how crazy it is.. hahaa
So that was my lesson – very interesting.. and I was obviously learning despite all the fals.

After my coach left I went through at least 15 flips. The first 8 were good… then I started falling. When I relax – I am ok as soon as I tense and expect the jump I just miss it. So i was all over the ice.

Anywho.. this is my lunch break and its been a crazy friggin day already… ta- ta for now.