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4 Mar

New Coachy!
Ya ya!!
I have been working with her in group lessons and started to take privates with her. She is very young and takes lessons at a rink an hour and a half from here- with a russian coach. So my way of thinking is…..can’t afford the russian but maybe the knowledge that she is learning will be passed down to me πŸ˜‰

I believe she started skating at the same time as me- years ago lol, but is now working on triples.
Super high energy kid.

My other coach is finishing up the choreography on my artistic so its coming along. I switched coaches because my “adult coach” only teaches up to axel. Not really working on that right now- but getting there- as soon as I get that lutz consistent.

So, the first day (6am in the morning by the way – yeah me I finally got my butt up at that time) she showed me her warmup. Moves around the rink consisting of :
forward crossovers into an inside edge
 into a right mohawk
hold backwards on right inside edge
step forward on left
mohawk to back
extend left leg back and hold
continue cross overs around end of rink and repeat
(I will modify this later with actual names of these moves – they were mostly on the adult bronze test)
This warm up is supposed to open up the hips and get you to think about all the different parts of your body.
Which- unbelievably…. works really well.

Other warmups include:
Cross overs back and forward with arms over head (ballet position)
which slowly move down until they are held rounded in front close to your stomach (another ballet position, which I forget)
You just continue moving your arms like this as you stroke. This really, really helps!!
I just learned this and have done it twice in practice- my shoulders are stiff but I feel so much more secure on my crossovers. I thought I was going to kill myself at first and then I thought I looked like an airplane ready to take off… but it really does promote thinking of the upper half and lower half of your body as two seperate entities ( which is the point) and it helps me to keep my head up which in turn keeps my crossovers even.
I will have someone tape it…so you all all can see it.
There are other things we went over but I will write about it next time… this new job takes the stuffing out of me. I feel old when its 10pm at night and I am ready to just pass out…lol

ta ta


3 yr Scratch into Back scratch Without Dying!

10 Feb

another video… this spin.. its the second one on the video and the move took me forever to get!!!
Yes! Three years to be able to do this much without falling and whacking my head on this ice! Nope-its not complete but its something… and I feel sooo cool doing it. Ha! Thats right, all the cool skaters are doing it..lol
I think I need to get out more.


15 Jan

So… I have not been updating. I suppose thinking about writing is not the same as actually doing it. So I will try and keep this up to date now.

First, now that I have a new job (WOOHOOOO!) I don’t have to spend time job searching and pulling my hair out in frustration  and I can devote more time to everything else…. like my skate journal!

Plus, I have noticed that I can’t remember my skate lessons half as well when I don’t write down the little tips.

So to start off with, the last competition I went to in Aston went really well! My friend and I had a great time! It was also good experience nerves wise. Not to mention that I am the type of person who has to work towards something like a competition to motivate myself to the next level.
I know alot of people say that they can challenge themselves on their own… but nope… not moi.
I say well.. I can practice that Lutz… and then I kind of do it… or I can say I need to practice that Lutz cause I am going to go test or compete with that lutz!! Yeah… that gets my butt moving. Actually it might be the threat of failure in public that makes me move my butt…lol whatever works right?

So, the last competition I placed 4th out of 11! And I had a first place ordinal! Very cool…and I also had a 10th place ordinal and a fourth…just a little confusing. Wish I could ask what made the one place me first and then other place me second to last? Very weird.
 I took the flip out of my program though and played it safe – everything was landed, included my fake lutz (yep- my faux lutz that is actually loop thingy)
I really enjoyed it and I took my time and tried to smile more and enjoy the program, so that helped.
I also competed in the improv portion for the first time. That was cool but harder than I thought it would be. I was hoping for slow celine dion – graceful music but nope…. got that pop song “crazy”…. All I was thinking was that I must be crazy to go out here and dance to that!
I tried and I did my best but I placed 4th out of 5th πŸ™‚
I even through in my belly slide… where I slide on the ice and then get up gracefully πŸ˜‰ seriously it was intentional!!!

Ok, back to the present though. Right now is kind of my out of shape time. The rink here is crowded and the freestyle sessions have not been plentiful and of course when they were over the holiday’s I was traveling… sigh.
So now I am playing catch up and I feel like a beached whale out there right now… the holiday weight around the middle has taken up residence.  However, I have to get back into shape and work on my lutz and flip and programs because I just sent in the forms to the Adult Championships for April! Roadtrip!!! 
SO that means I really have to get back to the grindstone and stop drinking at all those bars on the weekends… ooh. nasty habit that… lol
I’m not sure but I think just a little bit of alcohol on the weekend really just slows me down physically- as far as working out. It might have something to do with the belly fat too!
So my goals are set for this winter.

I have to still choreograph my artistic program and continue working on my free program. That should take up enough time!

So the lesson tips from the group lesson coach for this week:

1. Spot on the jumps (pick a point on both sides and try to look at that point when you take off and when you are landing.) It helps you make the rotation.
-yeah specifically on my suck-ass flip and lutz.
2. Lift the arms up and pretend to grab things in the air when jumping (does it matter if its some hot guy’s butt?)
3. Lutz specific:
Look behind and then to the front when going to pick in.
Dont cross the free foot way behind on the jump (I am completely crossed apparently when I do that…)
Arms up and use the H position

My other goals for skating:
(I have so many I cant keep track any more!)
1. Lutz jump
2. Lower Sit
3. Good Layback

Ok thats it… thats my entire wish list– I totally left the flip out cold. Every year I say.. ooh I want to improve my flip… well too bad.. no more mr. flip! I am moving on.  I am not focusing on it right now. hmmph.

Okay.. guess I should go – I just posted my latest spin attempts on youtube I might post them here… then you’ll see what I mean by lower sit… it feels low! But when I watch the video, its like omg I am almost standing so much for those thigh muscles.
Gotta work on those!


Back again for the new season!

18 Sep

It’s been awhile and I have a lot of new info I can’t remember all the time so I thought I should probably post it here!
I have been skating throughout the summer but haven’t really spent anytime updating this although I have not stopped skating.
I took a group lesson session over the summer and worked on just feeling more secure on the ice. So far I think it is working πŸ™‚

My nemesis, the flip has improved and my camel and layback are actually getting better! Wooohoo. I am also working on my program for competition….hopefully I’ll make it to at least one adult competition before January. It is going so much better this year, probably cause I am much more focused and I spend some time on public sessions. Which although are not so good all the time if they are crowded- actually get me used to the ice and let me work on little things alot more. So that is an added plus because in freestyle sessions I am obsessed with running through what I call my list!

Yes indeedy- I have my little list and its in my head but it works wonders- rather than wandering around the rink thinking… um now I am going to do a sit– and then jumping to a waltz and then maybe doing a toe loop… I have a set list of things I am working on that I have to run through.
1.backward/forward power pulls. (I hate forward power pulls- cant do them- suck majorly at them, if I do say so myself! I love backwards though)
2.  Waltz, waltz toe, waltz sal
3. sal, sal toe, sal loop (my fav)
4. toe loop, toe/toe
5. loop, loop/loop
6. flip without thinking, flip trying to fix the leg, flip trying to fix the arm, flip trying to pick earlier.. etc… you get the pic…
 And if I like my flip that day I do a flip/loop ha haa (special days)
7. Lutz (Sometimes I am bad and I skip this occasionally cause I still cant feel that snap)
8. Sit spin, Sit variations, sit/back sit
9. Camel, camel/sit
10. Scratch
11.Layback (focusing on arching from the waist rather than the chest)
12. Back spin (oh… its getting better but its still my nemesis!!)
13. If I have time- I do waltz into a back spin.

Yeah.. its a long list.. but I try not to focus too much on like sal and toe and scratch or just a sit and I move quickly onto my problem areas so that has really really helped me improve.

I land the flip almost every time now, I hardly ever fall on it anymore although I still have trouble with my technique. I am still bending my leg when I pick (ewww). It’s a compulsive habit.  But…now I jump every time and land and it is consistent so I am working on that being part of my program. I find that if I add it on to something I think less about it and just launch myself into the jump. Its still an issue but its a fixing the technique issue now.

My latest group lesson coach has me picking lightly (apparently I was slamming my toe pick into the ice… ha ha.. yeah you can see the divits!) woops!
and keeping my leg in the h-position rather than letting it hang there. Also, keeping my left arm in front helps me as well. If I move that left arm I am usually doomed and off kilter. 

We were also working on my loop which I have been trying to do without pulling my left arm down to my side and out -its another weird habit i have on both jumps and spins… so I focus on keeping the arm coming in and scooping. I am also supposed to stand up straighter and bend more in my loop jump to stop the skidding noise and from losing momentum. Thinking about all those things at once is impossible but if I work on one at a time maybe It will all come together!

My program is really gaining some speed and flow I think. Its much more comfortable this year. While I have added a sal/loop into the mix I know I have to add a flip to at least be somewhat competitive- and probably a flip loop. Also I am putting in a layback and a camel at some point. The layback is already at the end- even if I cant really do a full one- at least its almost there. The camel- I am going to have to focus on more.  I have it but it is not reliable or always stable- I have to think of keeping my leg straight and it helps me to think of turning my foot out to do that. Also- keeping my left arm where I can see it when I get into the spin keeps me from pushing it all the way back to the side.

Definitely working on that!!

I’ll have some more updates later… I was trying to get all the things I have been learning down so I could refer back to them. I am thinking of trying to put together an interpretive because I always wanted to do one but I don’t know if I have the time- plus  can’t decide what music to pick. I feel introspective so maybe something like Jessica Simpson’s new song “I belong to me.” I love Josh Groban but everyone does him… ha ha… well maybe not everyone…lol although I am sure everyone wants too.. I hope children are not reading this!
Ah yes..my perverted sense of humor is alive and well.

Anywho.. I am posting some very grainy cell phone videos of my flip, camel and layback.. maybe one day I will get a good camera and I will have clear one but until then this is better than nothing!

Ciao… cant wait till its friday!