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New Years and a Return to Skating

22 Jan

Well, I admit. I was very sketchy during 2008. Skating-wise I mean. Now that I have quit my second job (yay!) I have more time and more energy although cash reserve is lower and that is never easy 😉 But, I feel like myself again. I really missed skating alot. I still skated the last 3 months or so but it was more like once or twice a week or sometimes like in the month of December – every other week! You can’t improve with that kind of practice schedule and its hard to stay into skating when you aren’t on the ice. I found that I do actually have skating muscles and that I actually missed those muscles when i wasn’t skating very much. Funny, how I didn’t notice them before.
Now, I am working back up to my old fitness level. My sits are a little higher then they were just because I cant get down low enough to hold them. So I have alot of work to do. However, I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm and actually speed. Yep- I said speed. I am not holding back as much. I am also not being so boring on the ice. Meaning – I am practicing and dwelling on certain things I can’t do well but more often in the last two sessions I have been really just skating to the music like I used to. Like I did when I started.
That freedom I felt to just skate and dance to the music rather then just focus relentlessly on elements and dwell on the small details has returned. So with only skating three times in the last 3 weeks (2 of those being since monday) I find that I am faster, my jumps higher, and moves are crisper.
Maybe I was tired? lol
At any rate, my coach and I are working on my program and that work will continue once I get the actual music cut! Sigh… everything cost money!
We have a great footwork sequence developed which I practice and the first 15 seconds is choreographed! Its a beginning.
The new music is from  the Moulin Rouge 2 Soundtrack and its called Bolero by Simon Standage. I would never have picked it. I like the music but I have had that cd for a couple of years now and I wasn’t very into the instrumental since I had obsessed over it early on 😉

But, the music is very upbeat, striking, and different. Definitely different from my ice castles program. Oh yeah.. very different from that one!

So I am working a little on the program and we are also working on my flip (as usual) and my lutz. In addition we work on my silver moves. One day I will test again 😉 I guess I should by the end of this year since I should try to move up.
I usually test my freestyle and MIF at the same time. Get it all over with. Might as well.
Unlike competitions which I love! I really dislike tests. Judges are no fun to skate in front of.  Yikes..

Ok, in addition to that I am working on my camel, layback and getting my spirals back. It takes more work now to get my leg up in the air then it used to. So I am concentrating on holding the edges, in particular the inside spiral.
Also, I am looking towards my double sal. I really feel that is my strongest jump and I think that if I am going to start trying higher level jumps now would be a good time. My knees are starting to hurt 😉
Well then- this week  is US Nationals and I have Ice network! Woohoo. I have been obsessed since I got the subscription for christmas. So very exciting to see live coverage of sooo many skaters! I love to watch everyone.Tonight is the Senior Ladies free program and Sat night is Freeskate on NBC (starting at 9) So everyone turn on the TV to watch! Lets get some good ratings! Since so much skating was taken off of regular tv this year I think we need a really big boost to show them that figure skating is important as a sport! and that we want to watch it!
It makes me mad to see all the football and hockey channels lined up with multiple games on and figure skating only gets their national and world championships broadcasts. No grand prix except skate america was broadcast on US networks. Thats terrible!
At any rate…. hopefully that will change.
I would like to post some videos from youtube of some of the junior ladies that skated this week at nationals when they become available. They arent necessarily the winners just ones that I thought had some really great programs, good extension, technique etc.
There were a couple that were very impressive although they may not have had 15 triple jumps in the programs. I noticed that the ones who had alot of jumps fell on half but landed the other half and then rushed through their program still did better then a few of the girls who presented a full artistic program without mistakes.
Do I sound cranky? Yes, I probably do haha… work does that for you. Oh… and below 20 degree weather tends to make you grumpy too.

Any predictions on the outcome of the Senior Ladies events? Is it going to be Mirai, Caroline, Allissa, Bebe, Rachel or maybe even Ashley?
I personally love Allissa (please land those jumps!!!) she would be totally unbeatable, same thing with Caroline. But I think its going to be Mirai (if she is on) and Rachel. Poor Bebe she is always just shy of the medal, I think she will be 4th as usual. Ashley will probably be third. thats my predictions. But my faves are Allissa and Ashley although Mao and  Yu-na will more than likely be the winners of worlds. 
Yu-Na is amazing and Mao is just so fluid. I am posting Ashley Wagner’s inspiring short program at Cup of China here. It really shows that she has a range of skating between energetic exuberant skating and graceful/extension and quiet skating.
Anywho- better get back to work – take a look below and drop me a line with your National and world predictions! I want to hear what you guys think!