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Lake Placid Trip to AN 2008

14 Apr

ADULT NATIONIALS TRIP 2008Ok.. ok.. so I went on hiatus for awhile… thats because I was practicing so hard!
Lol… I just got back from Adult nationals in Lake Placid- which was surprisingly warm!
I have tons of pics I can post.. and no.. not all of them were of skating. The weeks leading up to this trip were so busy though that I didnt have time to write.
I should say as a teaser (since i can’t write for long at the moment) that I fixed my flip! Yes… yet again.
HA! but this time I landed it during every practice and the actual competition! Wooo!
My coach fixed it the day before I left. Such a simple fix (like the rest of the fixes throughout the years of skating)
I had to remember to keep my left shoulder checked in front. With that simple advice I was able to land my flip and my loop in combination!
Amazing. Apparently this left shoulder check thing also works weel with my sit, scratch, back spin, and camel..haha
Who would have guessed… well everyone probably but consciously thinking about it helped so much!

So back to the trip. Lake placid was warm and lots of fun as well as a welcome respite from work and life at home.
Sometimes you just need to get away.
I saw alot of good adult skating and it was amazing to have the chance to skate in such a huge arena.
You can really pretend you are sasha and michelle while skating under those huge spotlights and that amazing smooth white ice….. sigh.. everything else will just pale in comparison.

Anywho.. i will post my Bronze freeprogram which we have taped. It was my best program by far! Landed everything and my spins while not there absolute best were good. So all in all it was definitely an improvement. I placed 8th out of 13 with two 3rd place ordinals  and one 4th place(weird again… just like last time-judges marks were all over the place)
So- I cant say I was exactly happy with the placement since last time I performed this program with less jumps against some of the same competitors and was ranked 4th.. strange. But anywho…. I also skated an artistic program to Flashdance in legwarmers and all. The crowd was very into it.. but alas the judges were not. I landed all the jumps and had minor boo boos and no- the program was not extremely technical.. so i will have to work on it. I placed 8th out of 10 with that.
hmmm…sucky… guess when they say artistry and choreography matter the most they really mean only if you throw in a lutz or flip with it.
So-I will have to rework it but the general program I thought went well for its first time out.
I had alot of fun with the outfit πŸ˜‰
 Photo’s to follow later ….


PS we worked on axel prep and choctaws today. So nice to get out of the program rut. I think I forgot how to do a loop by itself I have been doing them in combination so much that my loops this morning were all wack!
Backspins were on the this morning. I’m doing backspin hop and backspin hop hop hop…. lol.. little exercises.
Watch that left shoulder!!!