2018 Lake Placid Adult Skating Week!

17 Aug



Anyone else this excited?! This was me when I found out I was going this summer and that’s my husband with a semi horrified/what the ?? look on his face. Picture perfect : )

In a few days I’ll be at Lake Placid soaking in all the ice and trying not to kill myself as I take one too many figure skating classes. My husband fully expects me to be living on Advil and epsom salt baths by the end of the week. I’ll be totally honest that’s probably going to happen.

I’ve had to really work hard to be injury free the past few months and I’ve had more than one doubt about whether or not I would be able to skate an entire weeks worth of classes! So much preparation has gone into this as we all know that I am the queen of injuries. Pacing is also not my strong suit especially when you are an obsessed adult skater given a long list of skating classes to take. I’ve done the odd skating camp here and there mostly local for a day or a weekend but never an entire week! I can’t even choose which classes I want to take because I want to take them all! I may need to bring something stronger than Advil like tequila but that traditionally does not go well with skating ; )

However, what I am most looking forward to at Lake Placid is actually skating and taking classes with all ADULTS. Do I hate children? No… but after being surrounded by them continuously at the rinks all summer I am craving a very, very long break from them.  If only so I can stop stressing about whether or not I’m going to impale some 10 year old in the face with my toe pick by accident. Am I the only one who thinks about things like this?

I know one or two people have blogged about Lake Placid’s Adult Week but it’s still hard to find information about it from people who have actually gone so I’m posting a sample of the first day’s schedule below for those who are curious. This includes on and off-ice classes plus ice time. All classes are $13 and the ice time is included with the fee.


Skating heaven, right? Have you noticed all the check marks? Like I said, I want to take all the classes! They may have to wheel me out of there on the very first day.

If you have been or are going to the adult skating week at Lake Placid let me know in the comments! I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for classes or coaches.

Until later, Happy Skating!

One Response to “2018 Lake Placid Adult Skating Week!”

  1. SkateKat August 20, 2018 at 4:13 am #

    Have a great time. The sessions are quietest in the early morning and during “lunch time” from my experiences. Enjoy!!

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