Oops, I did it AGAIN.

21 May

Broke my leg, AGAIN, that is.

I’m sure it didn’t look as dramatic as this but it is very close to how I felt.

The words “toe pick”  have a whole new meaning for me now though. For fans of The Cutting Edge … can’t you just hear Moira Kelly aka Kate Mosley singing those two words?

For those interested in the gory details, I broke my leg by catching my toe pick in the ice while doing a back inside three turn pattern in a lesson. My body kept going and my toe pick kept sticking until I wrenched it out of the ice and fell hard to the side. I didn’t feel the fall at all, just the foot and ankle wrench. This proves that having extra fat on your body is a good thing in skating as it completely absorbs the shock from falls. Butt? Chest? Tons of cushion. Leg? Not so much.

The last time I broke my leg it felt so much worse then this that I thought I might have just wrenched my ankle terribly. Nope, no such luck. I did much more than that. Note to all skaters: If you fall and think you broke or sprained anything have the boot removed from your foot immediately before you even leave the ice. I remembered that from last time and that was the first thing I did when I hit the ice. You can’t feel anything right afterwards so that is the best time to remove it. Otherwise, you are going to be in trouble with a capital T. As it was I had to cut my favorite skate pants off later to get them off my leg.

RIP favorite tight skate pants. Sniff.

So, it’s been about a month now since that fateful day. I broke both my fibula and the top part of my ankle along with tearing some ligaments. I had surgery 2 weeks after to stabilize the breaks (that sucked) and now, here I am, sitting pretty with a fashion forward black boot that I can pump up with a big blue button at will. It sounds awesome, I know, but trust me, it has it’s drawbacks.

For one, I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if I hurt myself doing a triple axel. All non-skaters obviously. At first, I tried to explain exactly what I did and eyes would just glaze over. Now I save my breath and just say, YES, that’s exactly what I did, a triple axel broke my leg. So much more believable. It’s crazy, no one even questions it.

Now, it will be another 4 weeks before I can put weight on the leg and another 4-6 weeks before I’m out of my walking boot. Until then, I’ve invested heavily in what I call anti-anxiety & boredom medication aka beer. HA. Just kidding. Well, sort of. I temper it with food and this thing called ice cream. Extremely addicting. If anyone is wondering, Coldstone’s “The Pie Who Loved Me” is the absolute best. That pie loves me long time, people!

I do miss skating A LOT and my skating buddies. I miss flying around the rink and working on all those spins that I was finally figuring out how to do but I also miss that thing called WALKING the most. My arms are getting pretty ripped from those crutches though. That’s a plus and my left leg is super skinny. Sorry Kate Moss, my leg IS skinnier than yours at this point.

All kidding aside, I guess this is the risk you take whenever you play any sport especially one that requires sharp blades and a stiff boot. Right now, all I know is that I pushed myself to my limits this year trying to achieve everything I wanted to learn in skating, competed, tested and I did not hold back on anything (obviously ;)) I’m happy with that..for now.

Who knows if I will return to the ice after this break though. I don’t know. It’s an important question I’ve asked myself but it’s something I’ll think about later on down the road. Like, when I’m walking. Until then, that thing that looks like melted ice to us skaters… you know, the pool? Looks pretty darn good right now. I think I’m going to go try that for awhile. I’ll save the triple axel for later….and my legs!

To everyone else, happy skating this summer y’all!

10 Responses to “Oops, I did it AGAIN.”

  1. Joskates at 1:49 am #

    I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I also broke my fibula while skating–I think I was doing a swing roll–though I remember that triple axel entry well. This was around 20 years ago (hard to believe)! Needless to say, it’s healed up nicely, though at the time it was really depressing. Here’s wishing you patience and lots of fun distractions while it heals.

    • dream2skate at 1:47 am #

      Really, you broke your fibula too? It’s definitely more reassuring to hear about other people’s breaks! Yes… that triple axel was probably amazing to see until you broke that leg ; )

  2. Skatecat at 3:44 am #

    I am sooooo sorry!!!! I hope you’re back on both feet soon!!! {{hugs}}

  3. Eva @ Eva Bakes at 2:33 pm #

    Oh no! I’m so sad to hear about your broken leg. Maybe this is a good time to work on sit spins with the good leg? I tore my meniscus (on my spinning leg) last year, so I couldn’t do any spins. I worked so hard on my back sit spins that now it’s one of my best spins. So maybe something positive can come out of this?

    • dream2skate at 1:51 am #

      Hi Eva! Yes, I was thinking that if and/or when I return to skating I will just stick to spinning. I seemed to be less prone to breaking things when I’m spinning! LOL

  4. Gordon Zaft at 4:57 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear this!! Yow.. that sucks.

    I had to smile at your advice to get your boot off, though, and it’s good advice. One of my old coaches had a similar bad fall that also broke her leg and she didn’t get her boot off and the EMTs came and they CUT HER BOOT OFF. AAAAGGGHHH! I would be horrified.

    I’ve had a broken wrist, broken foot and a bad knee injury. Sometimes skating sucks :-(. Hope you heal quickly and well!

    • dream2skate at 2:05 am #

      Yes! exactly! Every skater’s nightmare… I mean all that money and all that time spent breaking in boots and then they come in and cut it off? Yeah, got to get those babies off before they cut them off!

      It does seem like skating is a very accident prone sport. I keep trying to tell people…skating is not as easy as it looks! Well.. not for adults anyway! 😉

      Gotta tell you.. one of my skating friends loves your blog! She reads it all the time and that’s how I found your blog as well! No. 1 promoter right there!

  5. Mary @ Fit and Fed at 4:11 am #

    One of my friends just had a very similar injury, her blade stayed in a rut in the ice and her fibula broke. Good to know about getting the boot off right away, cutting the boot off would certainly be adding insult to injury (and complicating the return to skating). Were you able to start skating again or did you wander off to some other sport?

    • dream2skate at 10:07 pm #

      I haven’t started skating again yet. I’m still working on regaining flexibility and strength in my leg. I have decided to go back to skating eventually but I am not sure when that will be as of yet and at what level. It’s been a very long and painful recovery this time!

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