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Flip! or Hello Kitty?

10 Oct

For anyone who has read any part of my blog you will know that I have had a love hate relationship with the flip jump. Actually, it’s more like just a lot of hate. I’m not going to mince words here. There is absolutely no love in my body for the flip. However, I have been practicing it regularly lately to test silver freestyle. I know I need to do it and I need to stop being afraid of it so I’ve been working on it. I hate this jump so much that I’ve renamed it something else to take the stigma away from it.

Meet……Hello Kitty

aka Flip Jump

Unfortunately, now I’m hating on hello kitty and that’s just wrong ; ) Sorry, Hello Kitty.

I also bet if you took all the notes I’ve written over the years for doing a solid single flip jump that I would have a small novel.Too many instructions to count but here we go again and hopefully this time it sticks!

Despite the hate, I do think my jump has improved over the years so I’ve included a much earlier video from 2007 (sorry, quality is pretty bad but you can kind of get the gist) of my flip and this mornings (10/10/14)  flip attempt for comparison. Maybe I’m just obsessed.

Flip from 2007

Current Flip 2014

And the notes from my last lesson on the flip is below….

Flip Jump Tips from 10/10/14 

1. Push strongly into the jump with the right free leg so there is an opposite reaction when you turn the 3 turn, reach and pick.

note: in the current video I start with the right free leg way too high to push and don’t push enough although there is definitely more of a push then there was before.

2. Reach all the way back with the right leg to pick in and don’t hesitate.

note: I still hesitate a bit, this is very noticeable in the earlier videos. My timing is still a bit off currently although not as much as before.

3. Bring the arms in, especially the right arm. Don’t let it drop, take it with you when you pick in.

note: I drop my right arm and it pulls me off balance. It’s a bad habit letting that shoulder and arm go. It needs to come up and into the middle of my chest. Once I pull that right arm up the jump does it feel better. This applies to all the jumps. This is my dirty little secret…. dropping that right arm. Don’t do it!

And that’s about it. Till next time!

Happy Skating!