Current Warm Up Exercise!

20 Apr

It’s been awhile since I posted and I thought why not begin again with a bang, a video bang! This is my current warm up for every skate practice. This video was taken in February 2014 so I think it probably looks a little better now then it did but like everything else in skating, it’s a work in progress! This pattern is actually part of the Adult Bronze MIF Test for those that are testing. I warm up with this and then I start practicing my silver MIF.
Happy Easter!

One Response to “Current Warm Up Exercise!”

  1. Lisa at 9:50 pm #

    Your skating looks great and very fluid. I have just started back on the ice for our winter season ( no summer skating where I live in nz), I learnt at 20 and after 20 yrs off the ice got back on as my daughter started to learn. At 7 she is already better than I am, so pleased to have stumbled across your blog while looking for clips of mowhawk turns for her. I will be back for a read and some tips . Thanks Lisa

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