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The Sacred Glove Test

9 May

I’ve been back on the ice every other week practicing. While I haven’t really improved that much, I have been practicing a few of the same elements every time I get on the ice. Today I taped the last few minutes of my practice session. I was trying out the glove test for my camel spins. Just before I taped this I had at least five really awesome spins but as soon as I turned on the camera they all but disappeared. Typical! but I recorded it anyway.

What is the sacred glove test, you ask? A few years ago I had two coaches who had me try camels spins by placing a glove in the space between where your hip and leg meets. You are supposed to be able to hold the glove in that crevice while you do the spin and it’s obviously meant to improve your entrance into and position throughout the spin. You can find a more in depth tutorial in my blog post “The Camel Spin Monologue” from 2009

I always wanted to record what it looks like in practice so here it is! Plus a few little extra’s on the side. Say hi to the nice lady practicing as she goes by in the middle of the video. You go girl!

Today’s glove test actually went much better then it ever did a few years ago so that’s progress for you! As I step into the spin and as I turn the three turn I take the glove and place it in the crevice and then I take it out when I am done spinning. I was able to hold the glove through most of the spins (the one’s not on this video!). I’m not entirely sure if that is due to better control or maybe a little extra weight! HA! However, I can see that I am still rushing the entrance, bending my free leg and popping up into the spin a little too fast. I will need to work harder on controlling those aspects.

The rest of the video is a sit spin, a sloppy waltz/toe combo, a very slow loop, and a good salchow.

Till next time! Happy Skating!