Olympic Thoughts – Men’s Figure Skating Short Program

16 Feb

With the Men’s figure skating competition only a few hours away I find myself writing this blog post. I’ve been watching all the Olympic coverage, listening to the tweets and chatting around me and I just can’t help myself! I’ve got to add my two cents into the mix.

First, I think this competition is going to come down to who has a quad and who doesn’t. I do believe artistry and other technical elements will play a major role in determining the winner of this event but when you get right down to the facts, the quad is going to be the deciding factor.

I haven’t really seen Plushenko skate, but I’ve seen him compete in the past and he has nerves of steel. He also has two quads planned for his long program. That’s some serious competition. If he skates like he did in the past, Evan Lysacek will have his hands full. I do believe Evan Lysacek will be a strong medal contender and may stop the impeding Russian from dominating fully.

Jeremy Abbott, to me, is the wild card. He is a brilliant skater but can he hold it together through both the short and long? Does he have the nerves? Because if he skates like he did at nationals he’s got a great shot at being a medalist.

Then there is our Johnny Weir. I LOVE Johnny Weir. Yes, and much like his reality show’s moniker, you either love him or hate him. I’ve always enjoyed his skating, he just glides and flows when he is on. If he can land that quad he has a chance at medaling however I think it might be a long shot. I definitely feel that he will be top 5 but can he hold off Plushenko, Lysacek, Lambiel and Takahashi? I’m rooting for him and I believe he will place well in the short but it will take an immense effort from him to land that quad and deliver that beautiful long.

Tonight’s short program will be very telling as far as who is on their game and who is not. Nerves, will play a big factor in deciding who is on top.
My predictions? I think I am gambler at heart because I like to lay it all on the line for everyone to see, good or bad! Like my predictions for Nationals, I don’t pretend to be an expert here.

Top 5 placements for the short program
1. Evan Lysacek
2. Evgeny Plushenko
3. Stephane Lambiel
4. Johnny Weir
5. Daisuke Takahashi

In the end I think its any man’s game tonight to win or lose. They are all so close and so good! Watch NBC tonight at 8pm eastern for the Men’s short program coverage. Have a prediction? Send it via Twitter via@dream2skate. I’ll post all predictions here.

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