The Program Hog

4 Oct

Ever been at a session where one person plays his/her program over and over again? Hogging the entire practice session for his/her own private little skate? Ever want to just pull the plug on the stereo system so you can actually practice yourself without the worry of that self-same person running through their program right through your moves/spins/etc?

Today was one of those sessions. Its the same one, she has at least 3 programs and she plays them over and over and over. Honestly, I don’t even know how she has the energy to run through her programs that many times, I can barely do two run throughs of my one!

Its great that she’s so focused and working on all those programs but what about everyone else?
Do we have to listen to the same music for an hour? Do we have to stop what we are doing every time another program comes on? Its ok to run through the programs once or twice, but to continuously replay them drives me nuts!

I call this person the “Program Hog.” It happens at every session she is at and I now try to avoid those sessions. We have a small rink so its actually not that hard to know her schedule and avoid her. I also know I am not the only person that feels that way. I suppose we are all way too polite to say anything to her so we will just grin and bear until her coach or mother says something. Hmph. Or until I can’t stand it anymore!

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