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What WOULD Brian Boitano make?

25 Jul

Food network is debuting a new show called, “What Would Brian Boitano Make” August 23, on Sunday at 1pm.

I admit to being just a bit excited (and maybe a little skeptical) to seeing a cooking show with a figure skating star as a host. Although, it is no surprise that this show is starting just before the Winter Olympics make their appearance in 2010.

Let’s face it, every four years we see a new skating show pop up while their popularity usually diminishes (reality skating show with three Olympic hopefuls ring a bell?) as the excitement of the winter Olympics fade so do the shows. However, despite the lack of longevity of figure skating popularity in the U.S, I still can’t help but get excited about the one year when figure skating rises to the top on national tv. But maybe, just maybe this time it will be different.

Riding on the ever so catchy and most definitely mocking song “What would Brian Boitano Do?” created by the adult cartoon show “South Park” the Food Network has made a stab at drawing in figure skating fans and skaters alike in a pre-Olympic year. An ingenious and inspired move on their part. Not only is Brian a nationally and internationally known figure skating star but he’s a household name for the non-figure skating population. Assuming that the food network’s main audience is women, this show should do very well indeed with or without the rising star of the Winter Olympics on the horizon. Oh yes, Brian’s naturally dry humor, ability to engage the viewer with his escapades and his very strong iconic personality may make this a show to last.

I do admit to being very surprised (and delighted) to learn that his first concoction is not some soy and veggie inspired creation (befitting an olympic athlete’s diet) but rather a more fatty concoction with a definite twist. Think breakfast but with bacon and egg combined to make something like an ice cream cone. Definitely not your everyday food and just so unexpected!
Now, add a red sequined jumpsuit, ice skates and a hardware store and you get a mix of the inane and wacky that only Brian can bring to the Food Network channel.

And so, not only do I eagerly await Brian Boitano’s show but I also wait with bated breath for the newest slew of figure skating inspired shows and added national broadcasts as networks in the U.S. scramble to actually include figure skating more than once a month during the competitive season before a fast approaching winter Olympic year.

Suddenly, figure skating is in the limelight again and all the figure skating fans will soon have the fix they have been eagerly awaiting. Just maybe, this time it will be different and Boitano’s show might become an everyday staple of an American diet because once that winter Olympic star burns out, its almost a sure bet that figure skating will be cast in the shadows once again (at least in the U.S) in favor of the usual deluge of football, hockey, baseball, and basketball competitions, games, tv shows, talk shows and whatever else they can invent and we (figure skating fans) will have to survive on a meager supply of dvd’s, intermittent competition coverage and Christmas specials to last us till the next Winter Olympics.

P.S Check out a few clips from Brian Boitano’s show here: