Evgeni training for the Olympics!

21 May

So, now Plushenko (26yrs) is getting in on the action. This does makes things interesting. The Irina of male figure skating in my mind, he is completely amazing with his quads although falls flat in my mind on the artistic side. He racks those points up though! I can’t believe he has decided to come back. I think this Olympics is going to be a shocker, everyone wants a piece of the action! As long as Plushenko’s knees hold up he has a great chance.

Despite my previous comments, I do like Evgeni and I can’t wait to see his new program during the GrandPrix. His jumps are definitely comparable to what the men are doing now. If anything, he is probably still at the top of the field with the amount of quads that he can do.

Watch out Brian Joubert! (although he’s kind of fallen off a bit) Well, then definitely Evan should be watching Evgeni because this is going to be his main competition.

On a personal front, did you know he is recently divorced? Yep, Russia’s most popular skating man is back on the market. You can check this news out and more at
I wonder who else is coming back?

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