Sasha is back?!

19 May

Well, I love it! I am not Sasha’s biggest fan but I still love her skating. Now that she has announced her intention to try and compete at the olympics I am very excited. Super excited as a matter of fact. Now we have a face that has meaning to it and that can make some type of media impact on the US public. Figure skating really needs a media lift this year. Its really dying in the US and its such a shame. Its overshadowed by Football and Hockey etc. I keep saying they should really show all the pain, falls, bruises that go into training and then maybe people would see just how difficult it is. Of course, I know they have had reality shows on before (last olympics) about the training. I think some of them came across as whiny teenagers (my thoughts πŸ˜‰
Maybe they should film the training of sasha, yuna and maybe Mao?
This is awesome news though! Move over Yuna and Mao… Sasha might just climb to the top this time.

Now, if we could just nail down Michelle.

That might be more of a stretch. She has more then proven that she is a great competitor and I do think it might be too difficult in this system for Michelle to come back to competition. She would have to start at the bottom again too. Hmmph. However… her and Sasha together? Trying to make the Olympic team?? Amazing. That would just be so fascinating to watch. May 30 is her cut off date. So we’ll all know soon what Michelle decides. So exciting!

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