Camel Thoughts…

25 Apr

My lesson on early Friday morning was interesting. I finally figured out what I was missing in my spins. We were working on camels since I tend to be very hit or miss on them. Strangely enough, I tend to miss them more from the standard crossover entrance then from just a three turn entrance. On this morning, it was no different.
My coach decided to talk about the entrance and this time it finally clicked! When I was doing the crossovers into the entrance I did not have my upper body turned out of the circle, or have a strong left arm checked in front of me. If I rotate my upper body out of the circle for the entrance, check the left arm in front and the right arm in back and then look into the circle just as I am turning the three into the spin I can rotate the camel without releasing my arm too soon.
Releasing my left arm too soon was always my problem and this really helps to correct it. Not only did it help center and correct the timing on my camel, after my lesson I tried it for my sit spin entrance and it immediately made it center quicker! Amazing.

On Monday night I will try and take video of the both before and after entrance because this tip was just so helpful!

We also worked on jumps, flip as usual. I need to reach back more, sigh, I hate that jump.
On the loop we had one of the other girls demonstrate the h position on the ice. That really helped. Sometimes if you see something you can replicate it faster. So I have been working on crossing my left foot over my right on the ice on the setup for the jump. I also have to make sure my left arm stays in front of me, I like to let the left shoulder open.
I also was working on springing from my right toe pick on lift off. That helps give it height.
At the end of the session we worked on lutz’s which look like back pick in with a loop ;(
Oh well, at least I am picking in. I have a hang up with that jump like the flip. I cross too much behind so we had me pick out to the side more and not stab the ice as much. I am jump stabber. All that energy goes down the drain when I slam my toe pick into the ice but for some reason in my head while doing the jump I think it will help me… uh uh

It’s Ice show week so the rink was covered with lights and drapery in preparation for it. I worked the concession stand for the club last night to help out and was able to see a little bit of the show from where I was. Tonight I will actually be in the stands!

Awww. too bad the rink is shutting down for a month, I was just starting to get into things again!

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