Finished Choreographing Silver Program

21 Apr

Good Lord… that took awhile to do. WE finally finished choreographing my silver program. I think there is going to have to be some adjustments as far as which jumps are where but other then that its done.
I tried to run through it both on Friday (when my coach and I finished it) and Monday at the lunch skate. WOW. Talk about, long. If I make it through the sit change sit, the flip loop, the footwork, and the three turns into a camel without flopping on the ice like a fish gasping for air then it will be a miracle. Hmm, that and if I make it through the program without botching something, I will be completely amazed.

Unfortunately our ice rink will close in may and part of June and then reopen in mid June. I may travel the 30 minutes to the other rink to practice but it will be hit or miss. However,once they reopen the ice here I will be skating at least 3 times a week easily maybe even 4 times a week!
Since our coffee club sessions will be on Saturdays I will be able to make them (during the school year they are m, w, and f around 8am.)
I will also pay less for ice time since I will go to public sessions to skate instead of all freestyles like I do in the winter and spring. That’s because there will be no one on the ice during the summer. Just the way I like it! So, hopefully I will test silver free and moves in the fall (or at least one) the moves are another story. I shiver when I think about them.

In other news, our ice show is this week and our test session is next week. I am putting on the test session for the first time. Its alot of work and I am kind of nerve wracked by it. Just a bit. Hopefully all will go well and no disaster will occur!

Knock on wood.

Now, onto practicing endurance and that funky waltz, half loop, sal combo – my whine on Friday morning practice is going to be…”cant we just change it to sal/half loop/loop?!! pleeese!”

The mohawk into a salchow is just not working for me, what can I say? I can do it, but its not going to be pretty 😉

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