New Zealand and the ice

13 Apr

Well, I took a little vacation in march for a few weeks and being the crazy avid figure skater that I am, I skated.
Now, I can officially say that I have skated in a foreign country. I usually reserve my figure skating for different US cities but this time I packed up my skates and brought them along. For those traveling in the future, yes, you can pack your skates in a checked bag and fly them overseas. I thought there might be a problem but as long as they are not carried on its considered safe ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, while I was in New Zealand I checked out the Christchurch skating rink and spent 4 hours skating on their public ice, enjoying cappucino, and munching on fries (chips) in their cafe. The ice for the most part was uncrowded. Towards the end of the day a school group came in to skate but other then that, most of the time there were only a few of us and for at least 30 minutes the ice was all mine.

I did find out that there is an adult skating group and an adult synchro team and there is a morning coffee club skate. So for any avid skating enthusiast thinking of going to NZ, you can check out the christchurch skating rink for a skate.

For the most part I just enjoyed working on the footwork in my program and making up moves to the music that was playing. Since no one really knew me that also meant I could be a goof and try whatever I wanted. I videotaped a bit with my camera and I will post those. Since I left it on the side of the rink it cuts out a few areas but for the most part you can see my little skating antics.

I practiced my camels, my back sit spins and back spins as well as my jumps. After a couple hours on and off the ice (cappuccino breaks of course!) I was practicing things I usually just put off. It was so much fun just skating for the joy of it and not really thinking about anything.
sigh… now I am back at work and all I have are memories..

New Zealand itself was beautiful too. So much fresh air (i’m not really a nature girl but even I appreciated it!)
I went lugeing in Queenstown and rafting and a tiny bit of hiking. I saw a glacier and rainforests and ate alot! Sniff… it went way too fast!

I would definitely recommend making a trip down to the south island of New Zealand. Although watch out for those sand flys! I was eaten alive!
Otherwise, you’ll enjoy the seals, penguin and albatross watching. And if you like lamb, there is plenty of it.

I personally prefer seafood, so I had plenty of it on the west coast and in Kaikoura. Love crayfish (which actually look like our lobsters here) very yummy.

At any rate, since I’ve been back I have skated only once a week. I would like to do more but they will close the rink for a month in May so I have limited time to try and get back on the ice more. However, I have actually been doing ok considering that I am only skating 45 minutes a week. I finally have a back sit! Amazing. Hopefully I can keep it!
Camels are abysmal but I am still working on them. Flips are ok as are loops and sals.
Maybe I will actually work on the lutz ๐Ÿ˜‰

On that note, check out my little fun NZ skate vid…the footwork is actually part of my program but everything else was adlib.

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