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Korean Figure Skating Show?

29 Apr

This is new. I just stumbled upon this in a search on figure skating blogs. Korea’s MBC is launching a new drama called “Triple” I supposed this is riding on Yuna Kim’s newfound fame.
Its about a high profile advertising firm and their 3 skaters. Apparently there is alot to be said about the male leads on the show. Its supposed to air on June 10. Obviously most of us here in the US won’t be able to see it. Will it show up on Youtube you think?
If anyone has any info on it let me know-I would be interested in knowing details. For now here is my source

Exhibition Gala Video

26 Apr

I saw this on initally. So I went to so that I could post it here πŸ˜‰
It’s a great artistic piece by the Italian ice dancers Faiella and Scali. I loved it! Its just so full of energy. I can never dance to rap on the ice! They do it so smoothly here…makes me want to go out and dance! lol

Camel Thoughts…

25 Apr

My lesson on early Friday morning was interesting. I finally figured out what I was missing in my spins. We were working on camels since I tend to be very hit or miss on them. Strangely enough, I tend to miss them more from the standard crossover entrance then from just a three turn entrance. On this morning, it was no different.
My coach decided to talk about the entrance and this time it finally clicked! When I was doing the crossovers into the entrance I did not have my upper body turned out of the circle, or have a strong left arm checked in front of me. If I rotate my upper body out of the circle for the entrance, check the left arm in front and the right arm in back and then look into the circle just as I am turning the three into the spin I can rotate the camel without releasing my arm too soon.
Releasing my left arm too soon was always my problem and this really helps to correct it. Not only did it help center and correct the timing on my camel, after my lesson I tried it for my sit spin entrance and it immediately made it center quicker! Amazing.

On Monday night I will try and take video of the both before and after entrance because this tip was just so helpful!

We also worked on jumps, flip as usual. I need to reach back more, sigh, I hate that jump.
On the loop we had one of the other girls demonstrate the h position on the ice. That really helped. Sometimes if you see something you can replicate it faster. So I have been working on crossing my left foot over my right on the ice on the setup for the jump. I also have to make sure my left arm stays in front of me, I like to let the left shoulder open.
I also was working on springing from my right toe pick on lift off. That helps give it height.
At the end of the session we worked on lutz’s which look like back pick in with a loop ;(
Oh well, at least I am picking in. I have a hang up with that jump like the flip. I cross too much behind so we had me pick out to the side more and not stab the ice as much. I am jump stabber. All that energy goes down the drain when I slam my toe pick into the ice but for some reason in my head while doing the jump I think it will help me… uh uh

It’s Ice show week so the rink was covered with lights and drapery in preparation for it. I worked the concession stand for the club last night to help out and was able to see a little bit of the show from where I was. Tonight I will actually be in the stands!

Awww. too bad the rink is shutting down for a month, I was just starting to get into things again!

Finished Choreographing Silver Program

21 Apr

Good Lord… that took awhile to do. WE finally finished choreographing my silver program. I think there is going to have to be some adjustments as far as which jumps are where but other then that its done.
I tried to run through it both on Friday (when my coach and I finished it) and Monday at the lunch skate. WOW. Talk about, long. If I make it through the sit change sit, the flip loop, the footwork, and the three turns into a camel without flopping on the ice like a fish gasping for air then it will be a miracle. Hmm, that and if I make it through the program without botching something, I will be completely amazed.

Unfortunately our ice rink will close in may and part of June and then reopen in mid June. I may travel the 30 minutes to the other rink to practice but it will be hit or miss. However,once they reopen the ice here I will be skating at least 3 times a week easily maybe even 4 times a week!
Since our coffee club sessions will be on Saturdays I will be able to make them (during the school year they are m, w, and f around 8am.)
I will also pay less for ice time since I will go to public sessions to skate instead of all freestyles like I do in the winter and spring. That’s because there will be no one on the ice during the summer. Just the way I like it! So, hopefully I will test silver free and moves in the fall (or at least one) the moves are another story. I shiver when I think about them.

In other news, our ice show is this week and our test session is next week. I am putting on the test session for the first time. Its alot of work and I am kind of nerve wracked by it. Just a bit. Hopefully all will go well and no disaster will occur!

Knock on wood.

Now, onto practicing endurance and that funky waltz, half loop, sal combo – my whine on Friday morning practice is going to be…”cant we just change it to sal/half loop/loop?!! pleeese!”

The mohawk into a salchow is just not working for me, what can I say? I can do it, but its not going to be pretty πŸ˜‰

New Zealand and the ice

13 Apr

Well, I took a little vacation in march for a few weeks and being the crazy avid figure skater that I am, I skated.
Now, I can officially say that I have skated in a foreign country. I usually reserve my figure skating for different US cities but this time I packed up my skates and brought them along. For those traveling in the future, yes, you can pack your skates in a checked bag and fly them overseas. I thought there might be a problem but as long as they are not carried on its considered safe πŸ˜‰

So, while I was in New Zealand I checked out the Christchurch skating rink and spent 4 hours skating on their public ice, enjoying cappucino, and munching on fries (chips) in their cafe. The ice for the most part was uncrowded. Towards the end of the day a school group came in to skate but other then that, most of the time there were only a few of us and for at least 30 minutes the ice was all mine.

I did find out that there is an adult skating group and an adult synchro team and there is a morning coffee club skate. So for any avid skating enthusiast thinking of going to NZ, you can check out the christchurch skating rink for a skate.

For the most part I just enjoyed working on the footwork in my program and making up moves to the music that was playing. Since no one really knew me that also meant I could be a goof and try whatever I wanted. I videotaped a bit with my camera and I will post those. Since I left it on the side of the rink it cuts out a few areas but for the most part you can see my little skating antics.

I practiced my camels, my back sit spins and back spins as well as my jumps. After a couple hours on and off the ice (cappuccino breaks of course!) I was practicing things I usually just put off. It was so much fun just skating for the joy of it and not really thinking about anything.
sigh… now I am back at work and all I have are memories..

New Zealand itself was beautiful too. So much fresh air (i’m not really a nature girl but even I appreciated it!)
I went lugeing in Queenstown and rafting and a tiny bit of hiking. I saw a glacier and rainforests and ate alot! Sniff… it went way too fast!

I would definitely recommend making a trip down to the south island of New Zealand. Although watch out for those sand flys! I was eaten alive!
Otherwise, you’ll enjoy the seals, penguin and albatross watching. And if you like lamb, there is plenty of it.

I personally prefer seafood, so I had plenty of it on the west coast and in Kaikoura. Love crayfish (which actually look like our lobsters here) very yummy.

At any rate, since I’ve been back I have skated only once a week. I would like to do more but they will close the rink for a month in May so I have limited time to try and get back on the ice more. However, I have actually been doing ok considering that I am only skating 45 minutes a week. I finally have a back sit! Amazing. Hopefully I can keep it!
Camels are abysmal but I am still working on them. Flips are ok as are loops and sals.
Maybe I will actually work on the lutz πŸ˜‰

On that note, check out my little fun NZ skate vid…the footwork is actually part of my program but everything else was adlib.