27 Feb

When I woke up this morning, I thought-I really don’t want to skate.
When I got to the rink, I thought- I really don’t want to get on the ice.
When I saw my coach, I thought- Oh, Please don’t torture me
When I got on the ice, I thought- This is going to be painful
When I started the lesson I thought-This isn’t so bad
When I was done with the lesson, I thought-that was actually a good practice!

Lesson? Even if I don’t want to skate, because I am stressed, tired or physically not feeling well skating always makes me happy.
It’s been pretty true for the last 8 years so I’m thinking its a pattern of happiness I probably should follow.
Work and the side business has been stressful and I am preparing for a 2 week trip to New Zealand. Yay! Fun! But before the fun, I have alot of loose ends to tie up and loads of works (that seems to never end) to do. The winter has been long and cold and I think I am ready for a break. I have not been skating very well and my knees have been hurting so progress is minimal.
So this morning I was not in a positive frame of mind and the last thing I wanted was to be at the rink at 6am in the morning to practice camel spins that never quite spin correctly.

I was pleasantly surprised by how calming and unstressful it was to just be out there on the ice.
I completely focused on whatever move or jump or spin I was practicing and before I knew it – the session was over and I felt so much less stressed.

THAT is what I love about skating. Yes, It can be challenging and no I will never get close to Sasha Cohen flexibility or Michelle Kwan ability BUT its worth it to just try and move on the ice without thinking of everything else going on.

I feel so much better, sigh.

Now, of course, this does not mean my flips were perfect, my camels spun without a bent leg and back spin wasn’t on the wrong edge 😉

Today’s lesson a variety of skills.
1. Went over footwork for recut second half of program
I now will ballet hop to a inside three turn with some pretty bended arm movements.
right now? It looks like a one foot stop with the pick in the ice and a bear hug in a crouched position.
We worked on unbending the free leg, and going into the spin from a standstill with the left arm in front. I am going to repeat hold that left arm to myself for years to come in everything skating related! I continuously practice going into the camel on a half circle. I should look like superman with one hand stuck out instead I look like crouching tiger about to face plant into the ice (again)
3. Flips.
Softly pick in the ice. Don’t slam it, jam it or bend the knee. Issues. I have ISSUES!
all landed, just not a pretty jump.
4. Sit change sit.
The back sit is coming along. My coach is wondering why I can make 3-4 very nice revolutions in a back sit position but consistently have issues with a standing back scratch.
FEAR. Its fear of falling backwards from a height of 5’8″.
I am to work on getting into the back sit position from a stand still rather then from the forward sit.

I think that was all. The program is moving along slowly. I really like the footwork, I just wish my feet and body would work together. Don’t we all?
Happy Friday.

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