Program Cut, Finally!

14 Feb

The program is officially cut. Thank goodness. Granted, I may have to tweak it a bit more but the music has been shortened. It was very hard to cut that piece of music.
Friday morning, during the 6am skate my coach and I worked on the program. So now I will be hightailing my butt down the ice after a flip jump to do footwork. Its definitely going to take some time to be able to skate just half of the program. I am VERY out of shape.

Big surprise.

This week’s 6am session included:
1. Camel exercises
in particular this one exercise should provide hours of amusement and painful swelling of the knees and elbows (don’t everyone hurry out on the ice all at once!)
From the sit spin, you check out and then step onto the left outside edge (or right, depending on your spinning leg) to go straight into a camel spin.

Its supposed to teach you a couple things.
1. Control of arms and legs in sync
2. Using your edge to get into the spin
3. Fear of whiplash as you spin out of control and face plant into the ice
(just kidding on the last one)

If you are bored and want to test your camels try this exercise. Its super fun.

Other exercises of the 6am session include:
Camel spin exercise 2:
The holding of the sacred glove
Yes, the sacred glove (this one was pink) is held in your right hand as you enter the spin, then as you go into the spin you will place this sacred (pink) glove in the crevice created by your hip and leg. You should be on a bent leg going into the spin and then rise up into it. For those of us who are spinning correctly you will no doubt be pleased to notice that the sacred glove will remain in the crevice between your hip and thigh. For those of us who are more camel challenged the “sacred” glove will fall to the ground and you will either stop spinning because you realize you lost your glove OR you will run over said glove and come to a grinding halt anyway. 2nd one much more painful πŸ˜‰

All fun aside, this exercise is helpful in achieving the correct spin position. I like it alot.

In other areas, we worked on a stroking exercise where my coach followed me around the rink in a pattern of back crossovers with a little extra addition.
Hops in alternating landing positions.

Ok 6am. Backwards. Hops kinda like jumps. Arms up. Opposite directions = other than usual landing leg = scary.

So, backward crossovers on right side (we will say 2) into a hop on one leg with arms out and free leg extended at the top of the lobe. Then switch directions and repeat.
Oh, I can’t tell you how small, teensy weensy my left hops were. They were more like invisible mind hops. In my mind I was hopping but in reality my coach thought I was ignoring the hop.
It was alot like self preservation – not to do the hop on the left. But, yes, crazy person I am I eventually achieved one perfect little hop that actually left the ice. Sigh.
Beautiful. Just a couple thousand more and it will be perfect.

Any other practices that morning? Nope. Thats it. Hope these exercises help.

and.. Happy Valentines.

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