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back spin hop….

6 Jul

Lately.. its all been about the back spin.
In order to help me with my air position, jumping ability etc… my coach has been making me do all types of back spin exercises which as we all know scare me to death, lol..

Here’s my little list:
1. back spin
2. back spin, jump up, continue back spin
3. loop, back spin, loop
4. sit spin change to back sit

I think thats enough back spin things for me to work on for the next 3 months. I am making up for loss time I suppose. I think I actually have a pretty closed position when jumping. I also think thats what makes my single jumps a little awkward. Hopefully this exercises will help with stability.
I have also been doing moves – that I mentioned in the last blog. In addition, I have been working on my waltz entrances as a precursor to the axel. Consecutive outside edges into the waltz jump on the line and crossroll, mohawk, strong c-cut and then waltz/loop as well as my crazy alternating lunges into a waltz. My left lunge still blows.
I almost forgot.. I am starting rockers. Interesting little suckers, I got the general idea but they are really slow going. Same thing with the consecutive outside three turns ;( yuck.

At any rate I was working on straightening out my flip again. I land then but my leg is never straight on the reach back so I was trying to fix it. Slightly I will post the video here so y’all can see my funky pick in.
I was also working on my laybacks which i think need some tweaking. My leg look too high so I tried lowering it based on the videos I was taking which I will also post here.
I have a few camels (sucky) and sit change sits too.

I am getting my skates sharpened so I am hoping that will help my camels πŸ˜‰ lol.
It has been a couple months so I can at least say it might help.
Well…. onto the video upload…