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4 Mar

New Coachy!
Ya ya!!
I have been working with her in group lessons and started to take privates with her. She is very young and takes lessons at a rink an hour and a half from here- with a russian coach. So my way of thinking is…..can’t afford the russian but maybe the knowledge that she is learning will be passed down to me πŸ˜‰

I believe she started skating at the same time as me- years ago lol, but is now working on triples.
Super high energy kid.

My other coach is finishing up the choreography on my artistic so its coming along. I switched coaches because my “adult coach” only teaches up to axel. Not really working on that right now- but getting there- as soon as I get that lutz consistent.

So, the first day (6am in the morning by the way – yeah me I finally got my butt up at that time) she showed me her warmup. Moves around the rink consisting of :
forward crossovers into an inside edge
 into a right mohawk
hold backwards on right inside edge
step forward on left
mohawk to back
extend left leg back and hold
continue cross overs around end of rink and repeat
(I will modify this later with actual names of these moves – they were mostly on the adult bronze test)
This warm up is supposed to open up the hips and get you to think about all the different parts of your body.
Which- unbelievably…. works really well.

Other warmups include:
Cross overs back and forward with arms over head (ballet position)
which slowly move down until they are held rounded in front close to your stomach (another ballet position, which I forget)
You just continue moving your arms like this as you stroke. This really, really helps!!
I just learned this and have done it twice in practice- my shoulders are stiff but I feel so much more secure on my crossovers. I thought I was going to kill myself at first and then I thought I looked like an airplane ready to take off… but it really does promote thinking of the upper half and lower half of your body as two seperate entities ( which is the point) and it helps me to keep my head up which in turn keeps my crossovers even.
I will have someone tape it…so you all all can see it.
There are other things we went over but I will write about it next time… this new job takes the stuffing out of me. I feel old when its 10pm at night and I am ready to just pass out…lol

ta ta