Twizzle me this…

21 Feb

We started on twizzles last week in group lessons. Which were fun to watch. I tried them on both feet and managed to only fall three times. I think if I keep working on them they would be a great piece of choreography- if I dont slam myself into the ice first….lol
They look effortless when the ice dancers do them on tv but they are one tough piece of footwork if you ask me.
We moved on from those to rehashing the salchow and toe loop. Although both jumps are solid. My technique could use some work. I need more follow through on my toe loop. I am supposed to let the free leg kick through and alas…. sadly- it does not most of the time.
The sal, I was tweaking a bit. We worked on entry’s including just the three turn and then holding the edge. I realized that when we did them with the right arm leading I was all messed up. I remember learning it with either left or right. I dont know which is absolutely correct, but it stuck and it really throws me off a bit when I dont go into it with just both arms or the left. I still can land it with the right leading into it but it just doesnt feel natural. Thats what happens when you skate for 8 years you develop these habits. Even if I am not a skater landing doubles or tr\iples I still have been landing most of my singles for a while and its hard to break all those little things I have been doing for so long.

So I worked on checking out of my sal earlier to go into my toe combo. I have trouble with the toe add on. Loop no problem, but toe is wonky with anything. So I practiced really reaching back with my left foot and picking. That seemed to help.

I also worked on laybacks. Not so good this week. I need to lower my free leg just a bit. Its cramping my butt. Seriously, I feel like I cant bend because I have my free leg position so high it pushes my butt up and then that pushes my rolls around the waste and then voila… instant butt cramp!
lol… betchr you never heard that before!
No major breakthroughs lately. I have started choreographing the artistic program. Hopefully it will be ready by Nationals πŸ˜‰
I modified my freeskate a little to include an inside edge spiral rather than a flat. We will see how that goes. It kind of redirects the path of the program a bit. It could be confusing. I will have to practice more.
My job is taking alot of my time right now but I should be able to get a lunch time session soon!!!
Its supposed to snow alot tomorrow morning.. please cancel! please cancel work!
Probably wont… ah well… it was a thought!

Happy Friday at least- its been one really hard week!

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