Dedicated to freezing my butt off…

10 Feb

Yes, I am so dedicated this week!
I went to the early morning friday session and the sunday afternoon session and both required venturing into freezing cold temps!
How many snaps do I get?? hmm. Ok, so all the rest of you do that anyway.. ok … ok
Friday morning I was slow to move. I tried some spins and jumps even my flip. But no breakthroughs. Same thing with Sunday though. It was sooo cold… brrrr. My window wouldn’t even go down when I stopped at the drive through afterwards- it was frozen shut! Yes, crazy ass winter storm froze my window shut. Maybe that was a sign, y’know? Cause I did stop at Mc’d’s and *gasp* got a double cheeseburger and small fries…
oh. It was good.
Anyway, I’ll stop drooling and continue (I got my hot chocolate in front of me to distract me at any rate) I tried a few jumps and worked on my camel. Oh yeah.. thats what I tried on friday- the camel. OOh does it suck. Actually I think I lost ground on that spin… major ground. I will include the suckfest video at the bottom of this blog for all to see. Comments are very welcome.
I tried to get my sit lower… not happening yet judging by the videos. (I’m on my way to being madonna at the rink with my camera) yep… I just tape my little ole’ self all the time now… woooo look at me… I’m a Virgi—I mean– I’m a skater….haha

I also worked on scratch into back scratch- will also include a vid of that… see what I mean?? Tape Hog numero uno – right here!
It was a 45 min session with the youngsters so it was a little bit harder to get things done. When you are moving slower than those who are smaller its hard to dodge πŸ™‚

hmmm any words of wisdom today??
Nope. None. Kind of an uneventful uninspiring weekend- I almost wished I was at work.
Yep.. thats desperate. Completely. You can whack me for that one, I deserve it. I don’t even like work most of the time. But I was that bored with myself. And well… I don’t usually get bored with myself… but this weekend- it happened.
Okey dokey… will comment after tomorrow’s lesson.
Maybe I can get my ass of the ground on a lutz. That would be lovely…

Camel tips for myself before I leave:
Try to keep free leg straight going into it
Dont rush straightening skating leg

Dreaded camel video (looks like I am karate kicking someone in the head from behind, very un-useful for skating well… unless someone, who shall remain nameless, comes on the ice… then it could be VERY useful-but still wrong, uhuh :)):

Thats it. Short and sweet… Happy Valentines Y’all…. Hearts xoxo

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