Sickly and counter turns

5 Feb

I am laying here completely wiped out- I finally caught some type of flu/achy/sore throat thing.
I feel like someone ran me over with a steam roller…..I havent really been sick since last spring so I guess I am due!
I have been skating only 1 or 2 times a week. I started a new job so I am not doing the lunch skate- which really helped me and then there is no freestyle and sat. That really sucks for people who work!
I should go to the fri 6am session…. seriously Its really hard to get up but I am going to have to do it. I skate for 2 hours on monday night during lessons and adult club and then  try to do a sat public session. Its way too crowded to do anything usually though during publics in the winter season.
Anywho….I ran through my program last night for the first time in a month or so….eeek. I was very rusty. I had problems on my sal combos! Thats usually so solid, but I didnt take my time and checkm the freeleg….so when I added the loop on it was kinda crazy. Then the lutz is a whole other issue. The camel has to be put in and I didnt run though it with that spin… I did my sit catch foot spin. I definitely need to upgrade that to camel sit.
My flip loop went off ok. And I added some new beginning choreography. I love balletic movements having taken alot of dance in high school and college so I have been really trying to incorporate new arm and leg positions.
At group lessons our instructor had us doing a really interesting entry into a flip. She had been watching skating over the weekend and saw it and decided to teach it. Which is pretty cool.. I dont think adults get alot of new innovative footwork or entries into their jumps because the focus is soo much on just the basics over and over again. Which is needed….. but lets face it… we are not going to the olympics and sometimes just having a new move improves the ordinary entries and jumps and spins…. So she has us spinning in the beginning. We did full scratch into back scratch. I am emphasizing full scratch with closed leg position because I always just do a one foot almost scratch and then try to step into the back scratch. Its never worked so well before. But I found ( in addition to a few other exercises she has had us do last year) that my back scratch has improved tremendously. At least I am able to get into it without much issue!
I was actually doing scratch to back scratch…. it was sooo cool when it worked!!!

Tips that I learned for the future:
Keep the left arm strong in front until the last moment on the forward scratch.
Fully close the scratch then step wide into back scratch
try to stay over the right toes (i have to think of that)
Keep arms steady on the back…. pulling them in really helps me because my shoulders are always so uneven when they are out.

Then she had us do left foot counters (?) into a three turn for the flip…. at first i thought I was going to kill myself on that counter. She at first explained it as an outside three turn… wow… that took me awhile to get… even now I am very scratchy but still its so much fun! And I dont worry about the flip as much.

Stay straight when picking in for flip (duh.. but I have issues)
Pull the right free leg for the counter
Start backwards and then use right arm to start the counter and check with left…
Try it!!!\
Well dont kill yourselves over it… but it is kind of cool!
I will have to go on youtube to see which skater does that.

Ok… my energy is spent. Its time for another tylenol…..ugh


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