1 Nov

So I ran through the program monday night and I fell on the flip… but I think the rest of it was ok.
Its towards the end of the day.. so I am tired and non-energetic.. can you tell 🙂
But yesterdays run through went really well without the music… ha haaa. Does that count? No? well… I guess I need total concentration to land the flip loop.

I have tomorrow off so I thought I would post here before going to the competition. Its more like a road trip though with lots of food.. and fun.

My last lesson focused on my camel… I always end up falling out of it on an inside edge. Ewww. So I have to wait longer before opening my left arm up to mantain the rotation apparently. Same thing on the back spin… wait, wait. wait.

Oh.. I am too cranky to write today. I feel like fried food. Bad me.. bad…lol



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