To Sparkle or not to Sparkle…..

26 Oct

As I am preparing my program in the final week before the Halloween Classic, I am also helping my friend finish her first no-test program. I have always like to chroeograph and create new dances so its not a surprise that I leaped at the chance to help her come up with some connecting moves.
We are using my old program music to Gone With the Wind. Which I used for my first college competition in grad school about 5 years ago. So its a 2 minute program and as we know, most programs (unless its silver or gold adult level) have to be 1:40. So, I learned how to use the basic functions of a music editing program and cut it down to 1:39 for her. Due to schedules and money we have been working with a limited time frame to put everything together… but I think we have all the elements within her program to make it both competitive at the no-test level and fun artistically. We will finish it this weekend and off we go next weekend to the classic.

Speaking of artistry…. we come to the outfit issues. My friend found great deals at the site for her first two skating dresses! One was $20 and the other was $40! She said she was wondering if it would be good quality material and it was! Amazing when you think about the usual dress prices. The $40 one fit well and she is going with that- I think its a black velvet, open back dress. We will see how it looks on the ice saturday!

And then I ordered my new dress last week. I call this my attempt to buy a “non-sausage like velvet dress” because the last dress I used is like a second skin and is this aqua blue with a hologram feature that I apparently missed when I was ordering it from the catalog last year. Note to self and others: Always read the material description of a dress before ordering and always take into account that the model does not have boobs! Ya.. so shiny material – see through areas which doesn’t allow for alot of support straps are not a good thing.

At any rate… I have not had good luck picking skating dresses which fit correctly so I had my co-worker/friend peruse the Jerry dress collection. I said no velvet! and we went from there. She picked one I had not even looked at once.. completely passed over it. So I bought it… and yesterday it arrived from Northern Ice

I loved it!! I will post a pic here! Its sooo cute! Its assymetrical with georgette ruffles at the bottom and completely A-line (perfect) and its made of lycra with velvet trim. I’ll just say though for Jerrys- if you are above 5’5″ go with a large or XL unless you are very skinny.

The only issue? well- its not major… but there is a good deal of silver sparkle on the flower design and when I took it out of the bag it went everywhere! I came to work this morning and I still had sparkles on my face here and there after trying it on! I tried to brush at it but I have a feeling I will  be sparkling for a few days after the competition and during!! lol. I guess there are worse things!
My friend said to brush at it with a toothbrush ?! ha ha… so I was doing that, I do think it helped a little. And of course… I could wash it.. but does anyone have any ideas on how to get alot of the sparkle off?? Until then I will be twinkling away!

oops almost forgot my little ideas for backspin help that I got from my new skate sharpener.
1. Practice in socks on smooth floor, stand on one foot (backspin foot) and place your hand over your skating foot hip, cross free leg in backspin position and push with free leg foot to turn around while staying over your right hip.
2. On ice: When you are in back spin position hold hands locked out in front of you in a circle to maintain better balance or place hands on skating leg hip to ensure you are over the correct side.

Maybe it will help!!

ta ta! and Thank god its Friday!!

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