Program changes… and Upgrades

11 Oct

So, I have been fiddling with my program…. yeah.. uh oh… is a very good word for it.
I needed something more than my loop and sal/loop in my program because I was very comfortable with everything I thought I could probably at least add in a flip or lutz.

Yes, I have a lutz which I might have mentioned is like a pick/loop jump. Its really not there yet but I guess its still considered a lutz even though I get absolutely no spring and I halt slightly after I pick.. hence the loop feeling.

I added the lutz out of my footwork which ends with a mohawk so it was a perfect entrance plus now I get to practice it everyday. Or rather it makes it a priority so maybe by nationals it will be a real, honest to goodness lutz. I like it and it flows so no problems there. I have experimented with adding a toe loop onto it but it may be too much. We’ll see.

Now- I put in the flip at the beginning of the program to replace the waltz/toe. I do a lunge (to take my mind off of the jump) and then do a mohawk into a flip. That entrance at least straightens me out a little but its still a hit or miss jump and there is no flow out of it. I may just put in sal/toe.

Ha ha… thats my stock replacement jump for everything. If I feel nervous I just do sal/loop or sal toe- no issues there!

Then I thought about adding a toe to the sal/loop combo at the end. It went ok. Actually that goes better than a single flip any day!! So if I only add one toe loop onto a jump then I can add that in. πŸ˜‰

I also worked on adding a camel to my sit combo.. but no.. that just not happening. I can’t add a flip and lutz and still do the shaky camel.  I totally bombed in the run through with it in the program on monday! disastrous. So its out! lol

We are working on waltz in backspin for axel prep in group lessons…. its going ok. Backspins are getting better these days. I think its been 2 years? lol.. I hate that spin. So.. my new thing (which is how I started with a while back) is to do a forward scratch and then change to a back spin. And also… to do the plain entry by dragging the toe slightly on the ice while doing the right inside three. That really helped! The new group lesson coach has a lot of great ideas- and they are really helping!

yikes… I gotta get back to work.. break over!!!

ciao ciao!

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