Lutz or Clutz?

1 Oct

I would definitely say clutz!! My focus this week is landing a decent lutz. Right now I am picking, stopping and then jumping. So it looks like and feels like I am picking and then jumping into a loop.

I definitely need to feel that snap when I pick off my outside edge but as of yet I have not really felt anything. Could be the whole slow motion picking thing. Ewww.

Lets not get started on the flip right now- landed as usual but I am doing the crouching tiger landing thing again.

My sit is doing really well- I have been fixing my entry to get more of snap. Also I am trying to center it quicker usually there is a moment where I am not quite centered when I move my leg to the front and sit. So, I have concentrated on sweeping my left arm straight across and making sure I am opening it completely with my free leg coming around in front. That seems to provide a nice snap and more speed when I do it right! I am also working on getting it lower….

The camel is still a work in progress. When I get into it I am constantly falling onto my inside edge – and maybe that earns Sasha Cohen and Michelle Kwan points but I just fall right out of it since my aim is to get it rotating and keep it rotating. I have to remember constantly not to allow my left arm to immediately flatten to my side- (same problem I had in the sit and scratch sometimes) I have to stop it somewhere in the airplane position (lol) and then keep it there. Work in progress!

I am tweaking my program to include harder jumps… oh yes.. the dreaded flip is going in there. I have not yet made myself do it with the music- I have just been doing run throughs to see where the jump would be best placed. I believe it will at the end… I think I should be warmed up and not caring by that point in the program… ha ha although its going to require some major pushing for me to actually get in the habit of doing it every time.

My friend and I are going to go to the Adult Halloween Classic in Aston to compete- anyone else going??

Should be fun to be surrounded by other skating adults!! I entered the free and the Improv. Eventually I want to have a interpretive program but there wasnt enough time to get it together for this competition so I decided to do Improv. I do that anyway when no one is looking. I get the old michelle kwan program music out and pretend…. ooh and sometimes its the Irina music… my dirty little secret… lol

Wait till I get the Flashdance out… I better do that when NO ONE is on the ice!!

My most recent program run through without the flip…(it will replace the toeloop at the end)

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