The killer flip is back

24 Sep

I skated friday, saturday and sunday! Holy cow!
All in a row…. although saturday was kind of an exhibition of sorts for me. My dad and grandmother were in town so I brought the gang down to the rink and practiced my program in front of them. Although I warmed up for 15 minutes or so I was still nervous to actually skate in front of my family. They have never seen me skate- since they don’t live near me.
It turned out very well though. If it had been a competition it would have gone well. No, I did not put in the flip. But all the jumps were landed and everything was in time to the music… phewww.
My cousin taped it with her camera. When I manage to get her to send to send it to me I will post it here.
I have been reminding her already and its only been 2 days! ha ha- I told her I would bug her!

I did get to review it on the camera and it was extremely helpful. I could see where I needed to push and extend and I could also see what I needed to improve on my jumps. Pretty cool.

Can’t wait to get it!

ok.. you can say it… P-s-y-c-h-o!

Sundays practice pretty much blew with the flips. I fell on alot. I dont know what happened. And I still cant fix that free leg. I just wait 3 seconds too long and I cannot pick in at the right moment. Mind block. Thats what it is.

(Yeah here’s the flip issue- in grainy cell video!

I need to un-block my mind. Last weeks lesson- I was told to pick lightly and keep the left arm in front. So thats my goal for tonight. Light and stay over my right side.

ohhh.. back to work.. this was my little coffee break.

Anyone watching They have free videos from the Junior grand prix on it! Check it out!

remember Katherine Healy? The little figure skater turned ballerina?
Love this photo….

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