Ice Show over!

11 May

Yeah the ice show is over and so is skating for awhile at least until I can haul my butt up to the other rink!
It went very well though… no indecent showings and not even any little disasters….

Until I start skating again here’s a nice pic of the ice show adult crew and scott smith, who was a guest skater…and I do believe I was on the same ice at curtain call when he did a triple! omg I sound like a groupie…. ok I am.

At this moment I am transferring my groupie status from Brian Joubert (who probably doesnt speak to americans anyway, lol) to Scott Smith.

That was the most painless activity of the day so far and its only 8:54am (as my coworker so unhappily told me a few minutes ago!) Cubicles are really a death trap, no wonder why every one is so grumpy!

Okay back to my skating obsession: So cute! He wasnt wearing his outfit in the pic… but I think it was some type of tight black stretchy material…and I was so close….. hmm.. can we get more guys to wear that on a regular basis? I guess it would offend alot of their male sensibilities-lol but work would be sooo much more fun!

Pic below
scott’s the one in the middle without the tux on.. haha
somone mentioned he looked like Leonardo Dicaprio, any takers? Lycra and Titanic, not a bad idea…..

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