Still Alive!

18 Apr

Ok so I am still alive and skating. And as soon as this ice show thingie is over I will have little bit more to tell. Work is sooo crazy right now, so I think that is contributing πŸ™‚

Anywho, the flip is consistent still… just tiny and crappy…haha

and the rehearsals end next week. Woohoo. Although you cant imagine what a difference it has made in my skating to just be on the ice an extra 1 1/2 hrs a week. even if I dont really do much more than a bit of spinning and stroking it is so much better than before!

Loops are stronger. I can definitely do all my combo’s now.
Lutz.. eh… I am having a private lesson today for the first time in a month so we will see.
My mind is not in the right place to do it right now. I say that cause my body doesnt want to shift to the right side on an outside
go figure… smart body!!
Other than that… my camel has totally disappeared. Maybe I need a sharpening?

The other day my skate came untied in the middle of a loop jump. That was a great thump on the ice.. plus my expression was priceless…. like..what the heck??
Scary.. thats not the first time that has happened. I think it might be the laces. I have tried knotting it tighter, I have to be really careful, I could totally break something doing that!!!

Well… I have to find a bodysuit or something to wear underneath my friends dress in the show… its kind of low cut . And I will definitely fall out of that thing if there is no support!!

That would be quite a show now wouldnt it?? Not really pg rated…. hahaa

Till later…..ciao ciao skater bee’s!!

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