A Miracle!

27 Mar

I landed my flip loop!!!
After 2 weeks of missing the flip everytime… and falling.. and hesitating (which I still do)
I landed the flip loop 3 times!!! woohoo.

I have been practicing stuff for the ice show program with the adults… I will go into that a little later… but one of the adults wanted some of us to do a lunge into a flip.
Needless to say my eyebrows went up-I thought omg, in front of people landing a flip out of lunge, recipe for disaster. But I did it in tandem with two other skaters!!

So cool! I was thinking about synchronization so much that I forgot about my fear which led to my flip loop frenzy.

Also… I might have seen flinger practicing them from the lobby area… lol

So I being the competitive dork had to land one….

Ahhh… the flip loop saga is ready to begin. Although, I must say, that if I think about keeping my free leg in front for the loop afterward my flip is much more controllable.

Who knew…

(too bad I am still at work or I would talk at length about the show… can you say chicken dance in 80’s bridesmaid dress?!) EEeek!

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