Quick Combo Spin!

13 Mar

Ahh.. last night I got ready for adult freestyle and well… then I realized it was spring break.
So bummed! It was like I was all dressed up and with no where to go.


But I did have a lesson yesterday during lunch since my coach is on vaca for the rest of the week.
The Flip has detiorated again. No doubt do to my non-practices lately… but my camel spin is definitely improving.

And I tried camel into sit again.. and it was great! My coach fixed the losing speed thing. I was going into my sit from the camel by swinging my free leg straight through and I would kind be teetering but spinning. Couldn’t figure out why I couldnt get into it faster.

Then my coach had me bring the free leg around from the camel position. What a difference!
I think it was better centered and faster than my regular sits! It was awesome!! Truly, it was so cool to feel that rotation and from a combo!!

Ok, well I am happy if just for the combo spin. The jumps…eh.. not so good. But thats typical. When spins are being worked on then jumps kind of detiorate.

My sister actually took a video of me with her camera phone on Friday. I am thinking about posting it except I didnt know she was doing it! And I didnt really do any spins just a few sal’s and sal/loop attempts at a public session. She was also talking the whole entire time..eh.. and not exactly stuff you wanna say in public.. ha ha.. anyway.. If I can take the sound off I will post it.

ooh.its actually warmer today… thank goodness!!!

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