6 Mar

Woohoo… all I can say is that less skating may be aggreeing with me and is making me concentrate in the sessions that I do have.. because I landed almost all my flips with an actual run out on the landing with at least 3 of them…. and, yes there’s more!!

I landed my waltz/loop/loops and even my salchow/loop/loops! Granted the second loop is very tight I practically miss the edge and just rotate on the third jump but I’ve got it!!!
I was anticipating the loops alot on my salchows so I actually fell off the edge on one and hit my butt hard on the ice… I was a little stunned. Nut hurt, but stunned. That has not happened for a long long time. But I have been trying to over rotate them, to get the feel for the double. Ha ha… yes, the only jump I would consider doing that with.

In addition to all those goodies I attempted my camel/sit spin combo’s and actually held on to the sit portion after the camel. Usually I just cant down quick enough, but this time I was golden! It was amazing.
Plus my sit where I grab by free leg and put it on top of my skating leg (modified canonball?) was great! I really tucked the leg in and then sat deeper and then I was able to let go of my free leg blade and slip my hands down between (Johnny Weir does these-probably others too) I dont know it looked- I suspect that I need to sit a bit more but it was so much more secure then ever before…

If you cant tell – I was a little bit obsessed last night. I have been skating maybe twice or three times a week max to keep expenses down and I really wanted to push and try to get everything I could in during the adult freestyle session last night.
I even played my music.. gasp…  yes. I was able to wrest it away.. lol. And no teens on the ice!! Woohoo!!

I even worked on toe loops.. eww. I have a strange landing where I drop my right shoulder. Well, I watched one of the pro’s out there warming up doubles and copied her technique. She used to be the group lesson coach. She has awesome technique- very steady and very clear steps and pushing no matter what she does.
So.. I was able, with only a minor change, to correct my toe loop landing. Its called  “being aware of my right side and not dropping my head on the landing” I have to really think about it… its simple but if you have a bad habit then you really have to focus on the new habit to correct it. It worked! I played around with thought of pulling in a little to see if I could rotate a double… but noooo. I thought I’ll just wait 🙂

I worked on laybacks the last 5 minutes. Thats my “hope chest” element… (a Kay jounal thing, lol)
Not much improvement there. I wasnt centering my scratch spins earlier so I wasnt surprised that the layback didnt go over well.
I did not play around with lutz’s at all. Unfortunately. I will really have to eliminate something to get that in.
If I dont work on it I will probably never rotate it!
Well… till next time…
Its lunch time and I am soo hungry!!



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