Flitzer and End of Group

2 Mar

So… Flitzer is where I left off…. Flitzer is Flingers friend. She flitzes – meaning she doesnt skate really much, she kind of moves and is scared to really do anything like Flinger. 
But she wants to be like Flinger. You can tell. Its just there. She is in the intermediate class but my friend thinks she should be in the Beginner class. I think what really ticks him off is that she is all over the place… like near him- skating sideways — “flitting” all over the place, closer and closer to disaster.
Actually I have no problem with her. But then again I dont skate with her. 
I was talking to the black t-shirt wearing kid after group lessons the other day though and so was my friend. My friend was kind of outta sorts that day, it had been a mess of a day for him and he said he was just so tired and spaced. So when the kid was talking to him about group and my friend asked “So did flinger rotate an axel yet” he didnt even realize he mentioned her nickname to the kid and not her real name.
Needless to say – I think the kid was confused. Poor guy. 
I was tying my skates and thought for sure I would die laughing though.. I have no shame, although I felt bad. I told my friend later that he kinda “let the cat out of the bag” so to speak by saying that…. He was so surprised. He was like, “Did I actually say Flinger?”
I was laughing hysterically and I said yes… and he was like.. no wonder he was looking at me wierd!!

Ok.. so enough mean gossip. Lets talk skating. I quit group. Group lessons started a new session this week and I really didnt have the money and I just wasnt getting what I wanted out of it so I decided not to push myself and didnt sign up. First time in 2 years but it wasnt helping a whole heck of alot anymore. I dont skate enough in the first place to be able to justify Private lessons and group lessons right now. Plus… the teens as we all know have been bothering me. Not to mention the rocker three.. go do an axel whatever lessons.. sheesh.

So I just do Adult club now. So sad….
Then I heard they practiced doubles in that session. I have been waiting to do that for years! Ha ha…. yeah its probably good I wasnt out there. I have a feeling I would have become a flinger and probably would not be able to walk right now if I had participated!

In other news, I worked on my layback some more. I am adjusting my leaning. I dont have it down yet. I am traveling as soon as I lean back. I dont think my hips are square either. I will keep playing with it though.

I did a million flips today and fell maybe two times on them. Still not where I want them but they are mostly landed sometimes two footed though. I am delaying the picking still!! Grrrrr. My philosophy is… if I keep at them then one day I will not be at all afraid of them and will pick right on time. Obviously right now that is not happening!

I worked on lutz attempts. and discovered that since I was just practicing drawing back and popping up that now I cant even do a half lutz and for that matter a half flip. Sucky sucky. It was wierd. Like… all of a sudden I cant jump and turn. Its a mind game now.
Can I just turn my mind off for one minute… grumble.
In good news- my camel is coming along as is the frequent success of a decent open back spin.
Finally.- I also worked on back sit today which was fun and my forward inside right spiral. Thats my good side.

I took off half a day today… it was for mental health. Yeah, I confess, and I am guilty – I went skating during that time…. you know you are obsessed when you take a half day off of work and go skating!


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