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A Miracle!

27 Mar

I landed my flip loop!!!
After 2 weeks of missing the flip everytime… and falling.. and hesitating (which I still do)
I landed the flip loop 3 times!!! woohoo.

I have been practicing stuff for the ice show program with the adults… I will go into that a little later… but one of the adults wanted some of us to do a lunge into a flip.
Needless to say my eyebrows went up-I thought omg, in front of people landing a flip out of lunge, recipe for disaster. But I did it in tandem with two other skaters!!

So cool! I was thinking about synchronization so much that I forgot about my fear which led to my flip loop frenzy.

Also… I might have seen flinger practicing them from the lobby area… lol

So I being the competitive dork had to land one….

Ahhh… the flip loop saga is ready to begin. Although, I must say, that if I think about keeping my free leg in front for the loop afterward my flip is much more controllable.

Who knew…

(too bad I am still at work or I would talk at length about the show… can you say chicken dance in 80’s bridesmaid dress?!) EEeek!

Quick Combo Spin!

13 Mar

Ahh.. last night I got ready for adult freestyle and well… then I realized it was spring break.
So bummed! It was like I was all dressed up and with no where to go.


But I did have a lesson yesterday during lunch since my coach is on vaca for the rest of the week.
The Flip has detiorated again. No doubt do to my non-practices lately… but my camel spin is definitely improving.

And I tried camel into sit again.. and it was great! My coach fixed the losing speed thing. I was going into my sit from the camel by swinging my free leg straight through and I would kind be teetering but spinning. Couldn’t figure out why I couldnt get into it faster.

Then my coach had me bring the free leg around from the camel position. What a difference!
I think it was better centered and faster than my regular sits! It was awesome!! Truly, it was so cool to feel that rotation and from a combo!!

Ok, well I am happy if just for the combo spin. The jumps…eh.. not so good. But thats typical. When spins are being worked on then jumps kind of detiorate.

My sister actually took a video of me with her camera phone on Friday. I am thinking about posting it except I didnt know she was doing it! And I didnt really do any spins just a few sal’s and sal/loop attempts at a public session. She was also talking the whole entire and not exactly stuff you wanna say in public.. ha ha.. anyway.. If I can take the sound off I will post it.

ooh.its actually warmer today… thank goodness!!!


6 Mar

Woohoo… all I can say is that less skating may be aggreeing with me and is making me concentrate in the sessions that I do have.. because I landed almost all my flips with an actual run out on the landing with at least 3 of them…. and, yes there’s more!!

I landed my waltz/loop/loops and even my salchow/loop/loops! Granted the second loop is very tight I practically miss the edge and just rotate on the third jump but I’ve got it!!!
I was anticipating the loops alot on my salchows so I actually fell off the edge on one and hit my butt hard on the ice… I was a little stunned. Nut hurt, but stunned. That has not happened for a long long time. But I have been trying to over rotate them, to get the feel for the double. Ha ha… yes, the only jump I would consider doing that with.

In addition to all those goodies I attempted my camel/sit spin combo’s and actually held on to the sit portion after the camel. Usually I just cant down quick enough, but this time I was golden! It was amazing.
Plus my sit where I grab by free leg and put it on top of my skating leg (modified canonball?) was great! I really tucked the leg in and then sat deeper and then I was able to let go of my free leg blade and slip my hands down between (Johnny Weir does these-probably others too) I dont know it looked- I suspect that I need to sit a bit more but it was so much more secure then ever before…

If you cant tell – I was a little bit obsessed last night. I have been skating maybe twice or three times a week max to keep expenses down and I really wanted to push and try to get everything I could in during the adult freestyle session last night.
I even played my music.. gasp…  yes. I was able to wrest it away.. lol. And no teens on the ice!! Woohoo!!

I even worked on toe loops.. eww. I have a strange landing where I drop my right shoulder. Well, I watched one of the pro’s out there warming up doubles and copied her technique. She used to be the group lesson coach. She has awesome technique- very steady and very clear steps and pushing no matter what she does.
So.. I was able, with only a minor change, to correct my toe loop landing. Its called  “being aware of my right side and not dropping my head on the landing” I have to really think about it… its simple but if you have a bad habit then you really have to focus on the new habit to correct it. It worked! I played around with thought of pulling in a little to see if I could rotate a double… but noooo. I thought I’ll just wait πŸ™‚

I worked on laybacks the last 5 minutes. Thats my “hope chest” element… (a Kay jounal thing, lol)
Not much improvement there. I wasnt centering my scratch spins earlier so I wasnt surprised that the layback didnt go over well.
I did not play around with lutz’s at all. Unfortunately. I will really have to eliminate something to get that in.
If I dont work on it I will probably never rotate it!
Well… till next time…
Its lunch time and I am soo hungry!!


Flitzer and End of Group

2 Mar

So… Flitzer is where I left off…. Flitzer is Flingers friend. She flitzes – meaning she doesnt skate really much, she kind of moves and is scared to really do anything like Flinger. 
But she wants to be like Flinger. You can tell. Its just there. She is in the intermediate class but my friend thinks she should be in the Beginner class. I think what really ticks him off is that she is all over the place… like near him- skating sideways — “flitting” all over the place, closer and closer to disaster.
Actually I have no problem with her. But then again I dont skate with her. 
I was talking to the black t-shirt wearing kid after group lessons the other day though and so was my friend. My friend was kind of outta sorts that day, it had been a mess of a day for him and he said he was just so tired and spaced. So when the kid was talking to him about group and my friend asked “So did flinger rotate an axel yet” he didnt even realize he mentioned her nickname to the kid and not her real name.
Needless to say – I think the kid was confused. Poor guy. 
I was tying my skates and thought for sure I would die laughing though.. I have no shame, although I felt bad. I told my friend later that he kinda “let the cat out of the bag” so to speak by saying that…. He was so surprised. He was like, “Did I actually say Flinger?”
I was laughing hysterically and I said yes… and he was like.. no wonder he was looking at me wierd!!

Ok.. so enough mean gossip. Lets talk skating. I quit group. Group lessons started a new session this week and I really didnt have the money and I just wasnt getting what I wanted out of it so I decided not to push myself and didnt sign up. First time in 2 years but it wasnt helping a whole heck of alot anymore. I dont skate enough in the first place to be able to justify Private lessons and group lessons right now. Plus… the teens as we all know have been bothering me. Not to mention the rocker three.. go do an axel whatever lessons.. sheesh.

So I just do Adult club now. So sad….
Then I heard they practiced doubles in that session. I have been waiting to do that for years! Ha ha…. yeah its probably good I wasnt out there. I have a feeling I would have become a flinger and probably would not be able to walk right now if I had participated!

In other news, I worked on my layback some more. I am adjusting my leaning. I dont have it down yet. I am traveling as soon as I lean back. I dont think my hips are square either. I will keep playing with it though.

I did a million flips today and fell maybe two times on them. Still not where I want them but they are mostly landed sometimes two footed though. I am delaying the picking still!! Grrrrr. My philosophy is… if I keep at them then one day I will not be at all afraid of them and will pick right on time. Obviously right now that is not happening!

I worked on lutz attempts. and discovered that since I was just practicing drawing back and popping up that now I cant even do a half lutz and for that matter a half flip. Sucky sucky. It was wierd. Like… all of a sudden I cant jump and turn. Its a mind game now.
Can I just turn my mind off for one minute… grumble.
In good news- my camel is coming along as is the frequent success of a decent open back spin.
Finally.- I also worked on back sit today which was fun and my forward inside right spiral. Thats my good side.

I took off half a day today… it was for mental health. Yeah, I confess, and I am guilty – I went skating during that time…. you know you are obsessed when you take a half day off of work and go skating!