The return of the failed lutz and freaky flip in group lessons

13 Feb

Eh.. the 15 yr old was flinging again. Can’t hold a decent 3 turn for a salchow but she sure can rotate a two footed lutz. Nice. Just super nice.

We worked on loops. I’m good there.
Oops, yes after they grabbed me from the intermediate class ice area on the other end of the arena. I was working with the other coach in the beginning of the group lessons because both the intermediate and advanced get together with both the coaches to work on a moves lesson. Like alternating 3 turns or double three’s or like last night’s creation.. rocker, inside three to held back outside edges into an inside three to a rocker repeat…. ha haaaaaaaa
Can I tell you how much I want to laugh when these coaches (who are very good and about my age) put together these sequences for people who just learned how to do a three turn on both feet? One of them, my group coach is super good and she sometimes just demonstrates not realizing that we all are staring slack jawed at the idea of having to try and figure out how to get on the right edge never mind stringing them together!

So, yes, I was getting help from the more practical coach who actually has a way of explaining these things so that they dont look like one big long serie of impossible steps. Afterwards though I realized everyone else was scattered, then one of the teens came and got me… I was so spaced I guess. Well, I was involved with my rocker, 3, step sequence thing.
The kid gave me a knowing looks and was like “We are over there now” I said, “Oh, yeah, I was working with Lil and was just focused on that and didnt realize we had moved over to our side.”
He gave me a little smile “right…” he said.


Ok.. so I am digressing, I will go onto the more important stuff. I will just have to pay attention to where and what everyone else is doing from now on after the initial moves lesson cause that was the second time that happened!! What can I tell ya.. I’m focused. Unlike other areas of my life, namely my marriage, I can actually expect to see results if I work on it long enough… ok TMI for a skate blog.

Ok.. so Loops. My only problem is not snapping into it quickly enough for the second loop or even the first some times. But they are very steady and decent sized. Matter of fact I was the only one who did not pop a single loop. Even when we were doing loop loop I made it work.

The problem came with working on checked back outside three’s into a loop. I can do one three and then do a loop but if I continue with more outside three’s  they are small and loopy and its almost impossible to pop up into a loop. Definitely not checked. I have very weak outside edges. Of course Flinger (the 15 yr old girl) swung herself in  wider arcs and managed a two footed loop both times (ok well maybe one was on one foot. The loop and the sal are her worse jumps. Gee… maybe its because it requires an actual edge hold to  initiate the jump??

Did I mention she is taking lessons from the group lesson coach? yeah.
So that play’s into the whole.. “Can you do this Flinger? Can you add this on Flinger? How bout a another loop with that sloppy two foot barely rotated thing? Great Flinger! That’s great! ”
Oh yeah, that big green monster called jealousy has soo pushed my buttons here.. lol

To be honest, the reason why I worked like a crazy person over break on my flip was so I could keep up with Flinger. Sick, Sick, Sick. And just when you thought you had grown up into a mature and gracious woman who was past all of that small crap, you realize you dislike teenagers who fling. hehe I dont think I ever thought of myself as mature and gracious though…. lol thank goodness! Life would be so boring.

So, again, we worked on Flips. You can literally see me cringe. Its not really doing them that freaks me, its doing them in front of people who are alot younger and have no trouble flinging.
So I landed every single one of those flips. They were better but again I am hesitating on the take off. Of course flinger fell on most but was asked to add a loop onto it… what the &%*!? ok… so she lands them getting like 1 inch above the ice. Maybe I pick late and I have trouble with the darn jump but I know my jumps are high. Grrrr.

Seriously, this rage is unhealthy. Ok. Well.. now I am going to go work my butt off this friday morning at 6am Freestyle.
I never like functioning at that time in the morning but this calls for definite action.

We went on the lutz’s and I truly just dont have the feel for them. Things are wrong. I just need to work on them. So I had no hope of landing a fully rotated one especially since I cant rotate one. Hilarious.
 Of course flinger rotates hers’: fling, rotate, two foot..
ugh. I’m gonna land that lutz in the next 2 weeks if its the last thing I do.. wait a minute. Ok well I’m gonna land that lutz if its the next thing i do… ha ha

Gotta go do actual work now.

Hey… too legit to quit is on.. whats the name of that song.. its by Hammer right??


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