Whatever it is just add a loop to it!

12 Feb

Yeah… basically that was my practice yesterday waltz/loop, loop/loop, and sal/loop. I have been practicing on sundays at what was formally known as the junior ice time. Now its everyones ice because they can’t afford to keep it exclusive. Ha ha… but now its all the youngsters… fast and slow plus me. I feel a little out of place being the only one over the age of 17 who is not coaching someone. It also makes me more aggressive on the ice though. So it is probably good training. You really have to watch for people coming and going, look out for the older kids doing their program at mach speed and the little ones doing their moves.
Its a hit or miss thing sometimes. I spend at least 20 min. of the 60 min session dodging kids but as I am constantly moving, I throw in my jumps at a reasonable speed just to stay out of people’s way.

My thinking is something like…. ok.. she’s doing her program and is going iinto her footwork coming down the side of the rink and the little one is almost around the corner with her moves in a lesson… If i act quickly I can get in a flip attempt. Bam.. ha ha either I am on the ground or landed either way I am off to the corner right afterward to get the heck out of the way of Miss program or Miss moves lesson.

Its mainly jumps I am working on because its difficult for me to spin in the middle without a program or a speedy footwork sequence barreling into the center.

So… we did loop mania yesterday. Me and the good ole right foot.
I actually tried some axel drills as well… I managed two decent waltz/backspin attempts. After watching the pre-pubescent throwing themselves I just thought I would add my little attempts to the fire.

Then of course there was the dissapearing flip. I worked on that baby.
I did land most of them. Mostly in what I term the crouched position. They are getting better but I am not picking soon enough. If I could get that mental block out of my head and pick it would be sooo much better…

Eh, everybody at work is going past my cubicle… I know they can see my little minimized live journal window despite my best attempt to put the whole screen at an angle..lol… jeez.
I better go…tonight is skating night so hopefully my work on the flip will pay off and I will land them all.
My lutz is at least getting off the ground for a half turn. No more than that. I still feel like half my body is twisting wierdly when I do it. Should probably work on that 😉

ta ta


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