Flip Nightmare

6 Feb

Ok, I had the flip. It was steady, not perfect, but steady and definitely landed.
Now… not landed most of the time and I am reaching for the ice and I am picking really late. I am hesitating again. That jump!! I dont know why I constantly hesitate!
It makes me soo mad! So this week, well, I will probably only skate once more this week, but I intend on doing at least a couple. Not that I have a choice. Now that the testing is over and I am not going to compete at sectionals my coach and I are focusing on the flip, learning the lutz and my dreaded backspin. PLus my camel and making my sit spin lower. Oh yeah, the camel. Ha ha.. thats gone too. Of course I had skates sharpened and the left blade moved over when I went to test. Ever since then things have been different with my spin.

Different as in.. my spins are slow and sometimes I miss turning into the spin and centering it…. hilarious. Well, he did warn me when he remounted my blade that I would have to re-adjust. So now I have to really push into my spin to get into it otherwise forget it. I am getting back into my sit and scratch and my backspin is actually coming along (after a horrific lesson from my group lesson coach where we did back scratch, back sit and back camels.. yes.. it was laughable!)
So I am holding that right inside edge a bit longer and keeping my free leg back which is helping me get into the spin and plus I am no longer pulling my leg in immediately. I keep it out when I can stop myself from bending my free leg in, which is my habit, and it is helping immensely.

The practice of doing back sits helped because I will check my free leg back on the spin without fear because I am closer to the ice. It doesnt mean I can hold onto the spin for more than two rev’s but hey.. its helping!

As for my camel.. I am having a hard time getting into it and then mantaining it. Its very difficult for me. I have horrible spirals on that side so I guess if I work on my left spirals then maybe I will feel more comfortable with it.

Lutz’s are just not there. I will have to work on those. I have just started to incorporate maybe doing 2 in my free time. (since I dont really have practice free time, its not helping yet!) I will have to become comfortable with it before I throw myself around or relax.

Should I even mention adult group lessons with the two teens, 15 and 16? So wrong. Fearless. Thats nice, y’know. Wish I could just bodily throw myself without fear– but I am an adult! ha ha.. hence the adult group lesson title something which has escaped the new rink management. Doesnt adult mean 18 and over?? I mean how about 17 and over? I’ll take that. Of course I am in the advance group lesson class and its me, those two and then the crazy childhood skater mom who flings herself into the ice alomost taking out at least 3 different people every session. Then there is me. Why dont you just go for it, everyone says..why are you nervous, why are you not trying that axel??

Good part about skating this week??? hmmm. I would have to say the backspin and loops were alot better.
My loop key for later: Do not wait so long on the take off edge. I set up and then I would hold. No hold!! I have to take off faster and bring my arms up. I guess I do funky things with my arms and actually pull them down. Go figure… my body is trained to defend its lower half I guess… lol
(I dont think it needs defending since its padded very well!
bye bye

ps… it is soooo cold here, I almost froze going from the craft store last night to the car… freezing!!!! Did anyone see Alissa’s amazing y-spin? Its like a perfect split spinning! I wish I could figure out this journal thing so I could post a pic of her… will take me some time :0


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