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Loads of skating…and gossip

22 Feb

Weds….about 11:31pm
I am actually writing from home and being good… normally I am being a bad worker bee and writing from my second home, the cubicle. lol
I had my usual group lesson Monday and then my private lesson today. I think I need to cut those back to once every two weeks. My poor little pocketbook is a little on the skinny side…

I was very psyched this monday after a great jumping session on sunday. No, the flip still sucks major, well, you know… but I worked on it and my loop combo’s again. I even landed a waltz loop loop…. haven’t done that since I was 25! Ha…like I’m a granny now!

Anyway, so I took advantage of the 4:45 session at the rink right after work. They have it about once  a month or so. I never take advantage of it because I do an hour of group and then I do an hour of adult freestyle on monday so thats usually enough and thats enough money spent in one night!
But that night I went for it.

It wasnt crowded and I had the ice practically myself. My legs were tired though and my jumps were not as good as they were sunday but I tried everything out anyway, Another little girl was out there doing her program. I admired her stamina and her clean single jumps. Seemed so darn easy! I wish my butt would get off the ice with just a small pick! She was very graceful and I always enjoy watching her. Very polite too 🙂

So, I made some headway on my camels. They are getting better. Now I rotate 3 out of 6 lol… I even manage more than 4 rev’s.
Then I went on a falling fest and did my flip. The fun continues.
After the session I read my newest nora roberts book “divine evil” cause I had an hour or so to wait till group. I tried an apple pie cappucino. It was soooo good!! I was really surprised.  Usually they taste kind of funky and I am a coffee lover.

Hockey kids came in and I started to read…. sometimes Nora has some really graphic stuff in her suspense romance novels… like stephen king stuff…. um not the “I’m going to fling you on the bed and make sweet whatever to you” stuff. lol. Although I  love my historical romances thats not what I was reading at that moment… anywho all these hockey kids are running around and I get to this graphic sadistic scene in the dark woods (i’m sure you can imagine) and I just think… ewww here I am in a good wholesome family ice rink reading about this crazy stuff…
I felt guilty. Yeah non related to skating I know. I’m wierdly self-conscious like that. As if everyone knows what I am reading about, right? Ha ha well now everyone will know… there goes my reputation as a good puritan.
If my friends read that they would laugh their arses off…see there? I tried not to say ass… oh never mind.

Ok back to skating now… yeah so onto group. Flinger was there as usual, as was skater mom who tries to kill people with her crazy stunts (I forget what I called her before) but lets change it to “Psycho Child Skater Mom” aka PCSM and then the other teen (guy) who only wears black. Did I mention that before? Yeah just black. I think PCSM thinks he’s gay cause one day she commented to him on how she really liked his shirt. It had a buffy the vampire slayer actors name on it. ( I don’t watch it so I had no idea… and no it wasnt Sarah) He seemed pleased with the compliment but then when he left to demonstrate his axel PCSM commented to me as an aside that “personally,  I would be questioning my son’s sexuality if he wore a shirt like that!”

My mouth as usual plopped open wide. Well.. of course you kinda wonder about that, especially with skating, but who says anything??
Well she does… and plenty. Like the time she told me her kid was like the anti christ, a holy terror of a toddler and she was never having another one. Amusing but slightly shocking. Ok so I found it to be more than amusing… like hilarious
but I am once again off my main topic and everyone now knows I have a sick sense of humor.
I havent really talked to alot of people this evening (ha ha including my husband- on purpose 🙂 so I am taking it out here.
Everybody else will just have to suffer… sorry about that. Its winter and I am cooped up 😉

Group lesson went ok. We had moves with just the four of us and I kind of gave up on it. I was confused again and she was going so fast. Made me think twice about signing up for these group lessons again. Some type of cross over inside three turn back cross over outside three turn…I dont know, And it had to be at mach speed and we had to be an equal distance apart. Um.. yeah. I was looking at my feet and the ice most of the time. I didnt even know if people were near me or what… so she stopped it.
Fine with me. I would like to learn the first part thank you very much.. before I try the whole thing in super psycho mode.
Then we went on to camels. Which is good. Spinning is fine with me in that group because its easier to keep up.
At the end we did loops. They were screwy. Go figure. Then she said those were the best loops I had done ever…. what? I think she was smoking something. She did say she felt sick….

Then the Zamboni came out before we got to flips. Thank GOD.

Adult session went well afterwards but I’ll talk about that more later.. I kinda wore myself out during it though. It was a good practice. I ended up closing my left arm when I did my flip and noticed a slight improvement. I also worked on my layback for the first time in awhile. I adjusted my free foot and actually leaned back immediately into the spin-it doesnt center when I lean back but it will get there. Probably way before the darn flip!
I’ll have to post this tomorrow morning at work to finish….. I’ll talk about Flitzer, Flingers friend. I leaked Flingers name to another skater about my age and he came up with that one… I know… I know…..I am sooo going to heck…
bye bye….

Snowed in on Weds… no Skate

16 Feb

Snowed in on Weds. so no skating lesson and no skating period since Monday 😦
Sometimes i just wish we had another rink around here so that I could skate more.
I think i might try to go to the public session tonight… shiver….
hopefully I will be able to get something in. It will probably be super crowded.

Maybe I can work on jumps. It seems harder to spin since people just randomly skate around.

The return of the failed lutz and freaky flip in group lessons

13 Feb

Eh.. the 15 yr old was flinging again. Can’t hold a decent 3 turn for a salchow but she sure can rotate a two footed lutz. Nice. Just super nice.

We worked on loops. I’m good there.
Oops, yes after they grabbed me from the intermediate class ice area on the other end of the arena. I was working with the other coach in the beginning of the group lessons because both the intermediate and advanced get together with both the coaches to work on a moves lesson. Like alternating 3 turns or double three’s or like last night’s creation.. rocker, inside three to held back outside edges into an inside three to a rocker repeat…. ha haaaaaaaa
Can I tell you how much I want to laugh when these coaches (who are very good and about my age) put together these sequences for people who just learned how to do a three turn on both feet? One of them, my group coach is super good and she sometimes just demonstrates not realizing that we all are staring slack jawed at the idea of having to try and figure out how to get on the right edge never mind stringing them together!

So, yes, I was getting help from the more practical coach who actually has a way of explaining these things so that they dont look like one big long serie of impossible steps. Afterwards though I realized everyone else was scattered, then one of the teens came and got me… I was so spaced I guess. Well, I was involved with my rocker, 3, step sequence thing.
The kid gave me a knowing looks and was like “We are over there now” I said, “Oh, yeah, I was working with Lil and was just focused on that and didnt realize we had moved over to our side.”
He gave me a little smile “right…” he said.


Ok.. so I am digressing, I will go onto the more important stuff. I will just have to pay attention to where and what everyone else is doing from now on after the initial moves lesson cause that was the second time that happened!! What can I tell ya.. I’m focused. Unlike other areas of my life, namely my marriage, I can actually expect to see results if I work on it long enough… ok TMI for a skate blog.

Ok.. so Loops. My only problem is not snapping into it quickly enough for the second loop or even the first some times. But they are very steady and decent sized. Matter of fact I was the only one who did not pop a single loop. Even when we were doing loop loop I made it work.

The problem came with working on checked back outside three’s into a loop. I can do one three and then do a loop but if I continue with more outside three’s  they are small and loopy and its almost impossible to pop up into a loop. Definitely not checked. I have very weak outside edges. Of course Flinger (the 15 yr old girl) swung herself in  wider arcs and managed a two footed loop both times (ok well maybe one was on one foot. The loop and the sal are her worse jumps. Gee… maybe its because it requires an actual edge hold to  initiate the jump??

Did I mention she is taking lessons from the group lesson coach? yeah.
So that play’s into the whole.. “Can you do this Flinger? Can you add this on Flinger? How bout a another loop with that sloppy two foot barely rotated thing? Great Flinger! That’s great! ”
Oh yeah, that big green monster called jealousy has soo pushed my buttons here.. lol

To be honest, the reason why I worked like a crazy person over break on my flip was so I could keep up with Flinger. Sick, Sick, Sick. And just when you thought you had grown up into a mature and gracious woman who was past all of that small crap, you realize you dislike teenagers who fling. hehe I dont think I ever thought of myself as mature and gracious though…. lol thank goodness! Life would be so boring.

So, again, we worked on Flips. You can literally see me cringe. Its not really doing them that freaks me, its doing them in front of people who are alot younger and have no trouble flinging.
So I landed every single one of those flips. They were better but again I am hesitating on the take off. Of course flinger fell on most but was asked to add a loop onto it… what the &%*!? ok… so she lands them getting like 1 inch above the ice. Maybe I pick late and I have trouble with the darn jump but I know my jumps are high. Grrrr.

Seriously, this rage is unhealthy. Ok. Well.. now I am going to go work my butt off this friday morning at 6am Freestyle.
I never like functioning at that time in the morning but this calls for definite action.

We went on the lutz’s and I truly just dont have the feel for them. Things are wrong. I just need to work on them. So I had no hope of landing a fully rotated one especially since I cant rotate one. Hilarious.
 Of course flinger rotates hers’: fling, rotate, two foot..
ugh. I’m gonna land that lutz in the next 2 weeks if its the last thing I do.. wait a minute. Ok well I’m gonna land that lutz if its the next thing i do… ha ha

Gotta go do actual work now.

Hey… too legit to quit is on.. whats the name of that song.. its by Hammer right??


12 Feb

Tonights skating class….
I was just thinking about it. It really makes me mad that this class is specifically for adults and they let 14-16 yr olds in it.
How is that fair?
Why do you think there is an adult class?
So, we have a nice class where we dont have to deal with the bouncers.
Bouncing and throwing themselves everywhere without thought. Annoying. Totally.

How bout just plain maturity?

I am so sour. Yeah. 28 and
I just wanna skate with adults (whine…….) without having to compete in a class with teenagers! (sniff ***)

Wait till their 28 and they have to bounce around with 15 yr olds!!

They wont be so hot to throw themselves then now will they!!

wait… then I will be even older!


Whatever it is just add a loop to it!

12 Feb

Yeah… basically that was my practice yesterday waltz/loop, loop/loop, and sal/loop. I have been practicing on sundays at what was formally known as the junior ice time. Now its everyones ice because they can’t afford to keep it exclusive. Ha ha… but now its all the youngsters… fast and slow plus me. I feel a little out of place being the only one over the age of 17 who is not coaching someone. It also makes me more aggressive on the ice though. So it is probably good training. You really have to watch for people coming and going, look out for the older kids doing their program at mach speed and the little ones doing their moves.
Its a hit or miss thing sometimes. I spend at least 20 min. of the 60 min session dodging kids but as I am constantly moving, I throw in my jumps at a reasonable speed just to stay out of people’s way.

My thinking is something like…. ok.. she’s doing her program and is going iinto her footwork coming down the side of the rink and the little one is almost around the corner with her moves in a lesson… If i act quickly I can get in a flip attempt. Bam.. ha ha either I am on the ground or landed either way I am off to the corner right afterward to get the heck out of the way of Miss program or Miss moves lesson.

Its mainly jumps I am working on because its difficult for me to spin in the middle without a program or a speedy footwork sequence barreling into the center.

So… we did loop mania yesterday. Me and the good ole right foot.
I actually tried some axel drills as well… I managed two decent waltz/backspin attempts. After watching the pre-pubescent throwing themselves I just thought I would add my little attempts to the fire.

Then of course there was the dissapearing flip. I worked on that baby.
I did land most of them. Mostly in what I term the crouched position. They are getting better but I am not picking soon enough. If I could get that mental block out of my head and pick it would be sooo much better…

Eh, everybody at work is going past my cubicle… I know they can see my little minimized live journal window despite my best attempt to put the whole screen at an… jeez.
I better go…tonight is skating night so hopefully my work on the flip will pay off and I will land them all.
My lutz is at least getting off the ground for a half turn. No more than that. I still feel like half my body is twisting wierdly when I do it. Should probably work on that 😉

ta ta

Flip Nightmare

6 Feb

Ok, I had the flip. It was steady, not perfect, but steady and definitely landed.
Now… not landed most of the time and I am reaching for the ice and I am picking really late. I am hesitating again. That jump!! I dont know why I constantly hesitate!
It makes me soo mad! So this week, well, I will probably only skate once more this week, but I intend on doing at least a couple. Not that I have a choice. Now that the testing is over and I am not going to compete at sectionals my coach and I are focusing on the flip, learning the lutz and my dreaded backspin. PLus my camel and making my sit spin lower. Oh yeah, the camel. Ha ha.. thats gone too. Of course I had skates sharpened and the left blade moved over when I went to test. Ever since then things have been different with my spin.

Different as in.. my spins are slow and sometimes I miss turning into the spin and centering it…. hilarious. Well, he did warn me when he remounted my blade that I would have to re-adjust. So now I have to really push into my spin to get into it otherwise forget it. I am getting back into my sit and scratch and my backspin is actually coming along (after a horrific lesson from my group lesson coach where we did back scratch, back sit and back camels.. yes.. it was laughable!)
So I am holding that right inside edge a bit longer and keeping my free leg back which is helping me get into the spin and plus I am no longer pulling my leg in immediately. I keep it out when I can stop myself from bending my free leg in, which is my habit, and it is helping immensely.

The practice of doing back sits helped because I will check my free leg back on the spin without fear because I am closer to the ice. It doesnt mean I can hold onto the spin for more than two rev’s but hey.. its helping!

As for my camel.. I am having a hard time getting into it and then mantaining it. Its very difficult for me. I have horrible spirals on that side so I guess if I work on my left spirals then maybe I will feel more comfortable with it.

Lutz’s are just not there. I will have to work on those. I have just started to incorporate maybe doing 2 in my free time. (since I dont really have practice free time, its not helping yet!) I will have to become comfortable with it before I throw myself around or relax.

Should I even mention adult group lessons with the two teens, 15 and 16? So wrong. Fearless. Thats nice, y’know. Wish I could just bodily throw myself without fear– but I am an adult! ha ha.. hence the adult group lesson title something which has escaped the new rink management. Doesnt adult mean 18 and over?? I mean how about 17 and over? I’ll take that. Of course I am in the advance group lesson class and its me, those two and then the crazy childhood skater mom who flings herself into the ice alomost taking out at least 3 different people every session. Then there is me. Why dont you just go for it, everyone says..why are you nervous, why are you not trying that axel??

Good part about skating this week??? hmmm. I would have to say the backspin and loops were alot better.
My loop key for later: Do not wait so long on the take off edge. I set up and then I would hold. No hold!! I have to take off faster and bring my arms up. I guess I do funky things with my arms and actually pull them down. Go figure… my body is trained to defend its lower half I guess… lol
(I dont think it needs defending since its padded very well!
bye bye

ps… it is soooo cold here, I almost froze going from the craft store last night to the car… freezing!!!! Did anyone see Alissa’s amazing y-spin? Its like a perfect split spinning! I wish I could figure out this journal thing so I could post a pic of her… will take me some time :0