No Sectionals this year……..

24 Jan

Well, we are in the middle of a crises at work so I will make this quick.. blech. Pretty soon I will have to add a work Blog so I can just blab about work issues. Apparently my one coworker is quitting and the other is retiring. As a small department this really really effects everyone. And.. I thought I had escaped having to do anything different but that is just not going to work out. So much for laying low.

Anyways, I had a little reality jolt last night. Being on a budget I realized I would be stretching myself to go to sectionals with traveling, hotel, and competition fees plus I would like to do the extra things like sightseeing. It all costs money which is in short supply. For me at least… ha ha. I cant believe I am saying this but lately I have been trying to be better at the money thing. Cause I suck at it.. if you can’t tell by my other posts 😉 I spend and spend and I have student loans and bills out the butt. Anywho…

I realized I would have to work my butt off to rearrange my program and then add jumps that just arent consistent and while I don’t necessarily need to win, its nice to know that you are ready for a competition. And truly, after running it by my coach with my money issues we decided to let it pass this year.
Yep.. after 10 flips with 3 landed and a couple of lutz attempts I think it sunk in that my freestyle needed work and I wouuld rather shine a bit more with a consistent program. Plus if I am going to spend money it might as well be worth it! (not that it isnt but I cant afford to go based on just pure fun 🙂 Wish I was Paris, well actually, I don’t.. ok I wish I was Michelle Kwan or a Tara (just cant help myself there!) but I’m not…

So as of right now here is my list of To Do’s for the year leading up to 2008 sectionals:
1. Land a lutz. (ha ha.. my big one!)
2. Relax and have a big consistent Flip
3. Learn a Layback
4. Faster Camel that is consistent.
5. make harder combinations consistent. (like: sal-loop, loop-1/2 loop-sal., Flip/ loop)

Sniff Sniff… now I am going to go off and cry in the stinky lounge area….ok, well not really, even though I am bummed!
This has given me a whole new perspective though.

I am going to go out tonight and drink a whole lot of Coffee with some potent baileys or Kahlua to spice it up!

Or maybe a bloody mary… I’ll think about it.. whew.. it was a tough day.


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