Testing Adult Bronze this Thursday!!!

15 Jan

I have been very bad lately and have not updated for the past month. I skated so much over christmas break though- it was awesome!!
I get an extended vacation from work every year so I always look forward to the wonderful ice time that get!

Granted- yes every single skating kid was at the freestyle sessions but it was still ice.

I have been working on my Bronze MIF and Freestyle program. I test this thursday about 2 hours away from me- since my rink only has tests in the summer.
I am nervous. I have to say that. My stomach ties itself into knots everytime I think of it.
So, I have been running through my MIF’s like a mad women and my coach thinks I still need work on a few things. (ohh wonderful!) But I definitely feel stable enough test. I am not very good at keeping track of how big my lobes are and exactly where I am placing my turns so that is the hardest part about this whole test. It finally dawned on me about a month ago that it really is a little bit like the old figures.

Wow… I would have died back then. I like the flow of moves once I learn them (not that I know more than 5 — ha ha) but its pleasant to glide along on smooth edges and it helps my jumps. However- I dislike having to think about my exact placement of each foot on that darn circle. Not to mention feeling like I’m a geometric measurement on blades.. no I do not how big that lobe is in comparison to that darn dot…ewww

It takes all the fun out of it. So if I happen to not pass this test I guess it will be because of my placement. Its hard enough to hold some of the edges but to think about making the move just long enough and to extend exactly so is enough to drive anyone bonkers!

Anywho… my problem pattern is the three turns on my left foot. I can do them but the rhythm is off and stiff. I have to focus.

And.. if I pass mif them my freestyle problem is the backspin… which has mercilessly left me. Seriously, during christmas it was there. I was rotating and actually spinning decently from a right inside edge entrance no less! Last two freestyle sessions I cannot even get into the thing.
I guess it doesnt help that I have to do it right after my toe loop. I’m like a crazy thing, landing the toe (which is right after a modified one foot spin- for lack of time I can’t do my full scratch.) and then pushing myself into that backspin. As if I am not going to die.
Yeah, I say that to myself during my run-throughs on freestyle ice with the kiddies.

It’s kinda like this: “ok now, push into that spin- come on now- you can do it- who cares if this is the surest way to land on your head sideways..”
yeah, then I get into it and make faces try to align my twisted body, and mantain semi-control over my flailing arms.
Its great fun.

Yeah, I don’t know if its going to make it for the test folks!
We will see. Everything else is pretty strong free style wise.
Nerves make me do Baad things for sure..

The schedule just came in and I am on the ice first thing in the morning. 8:25am
I think maybe a shot or two in the morning might lead some to think I am an alcoholic but I seriously think this might require it. Oh no, I am not talking about wine or beer either. I think this calls for some wild turkey or some such strong smelling stuff!

Tonight: Battle with backspin entrances-and moves rehash.

On a good note…. my flip is still with me. Yes… it is MINE. The jump has been pretty steady the last month. I have started group lessons again and now that they have split up the advanced group into lower advanced and higher advanced. We are starting with flip and up now instead of sal and on. Which means we started lutz’s and axel prep last week.
I really need that backspin for this!!

Ok wish me luck…. next time I post I’ll either be a bronze level skater or a more experienced pre-bronze skater with a backspin fetish! lol


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