The Beginning of a new Skate Blog…. continuing the old…

4 Dec

I decided to quit the aol journal and come here. I have seen other journals posted on Live Journal and I liked the style alot more than aol’s. Which I think is outdated and slow. Yeah… I like to upgrade and so I have! Not to mention all the cool features on this Blog!!

Fun pics and cool tricks.. ha ha well nothing is too good for my little skating journal!

So for now on this is my new home. This is the link to my old blog.
I am going to keep it in my links area so I still have it. Hey! It took awhile to write all of that!

This weekend there was no skating so I don’t really have anything report, other than I should have gone skating.
Ehh, hopefully that flip is still around somewhere!
Tonight I will skate group lesson. Adult Coffee Club is over till January… sniff, sniff….
I hate it when it ends cause its such valuable practice time!

In other news, I am at work and today we are going out for a birthday lunch!! Guess who’s?
Yep, mine! Well, mine and my coworkers πŸ˜‰
My Birthday is really not till next Tuesday but my coworkers is this Thursday and this was the only day to get together so… yummy lunch for me! I Loooove food.

ta ta….

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